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DIY Tips For How To Install Home Security Lights

Crime rates are on the increase and even if you live in a safe neighborhood it can be a good idea to take a few precautions. One of the easiest things you can do is install home security lights.

This will provide you with the light to see what is happening if there are issues outside your home. More importantly it will be a valid deterrent to anything thinking of approaching your home with negative intentions.

If you are installing the home security lights from scratch you may not have an open circuit that you can connect into. If you need to connect to the fuse box it is advisable to contact a local electrician who will be able to assist you with the most dangerous part of the installation.

If you already have outside lights fitted then the procedure is actually very simple:

  • Turn the power off to your outside lighting circuit. If you are in any doubt shut all the power off.
  • Check the outside light, it shouldn’t come on.
  • You can then remove the bulb and unscrew the fastenings holding the light to the wall.
  • Pull the light fitting gently forward. You should see either two wires connected to the light fitting or four.
  • Test the wires to ensure they are not live before loosening the screws and removing the wires.
  • The old light fitting can now be discarded.
  • Offer the new light, with inbuilt sensor to the mounting spot and connect the wires. Keep them connected in exactly the same way as you removed them.
  • Once they are securely connected push the cable gently back into the wall and screw the light in place.
  • Set the sensor switch to on and the timer function, if fitted.
  • Add a fresh bulb
  • Turn the power back on
  • Test the light. To do this you will need to wave your hand in front of the sensor and see how long the light stays on for. You can adjust the sensors to make sure it covers the area you need it to.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Extend the Circuit

It is possible to extend this circuit and have extra security lights in your yard. For this you will need to connect a secondary cable to the back of the security light. Make sure you match the colors up.

The cable will need to be run inside conduit round to the next light fitting. You can continue on from here to another light if required but you must verify the number of lights on your circuit. There is a limit!


Adding the New Circuit

As mentioned if the circuit is new then you will need to run a cable from the first light through to your fuse box. This can be difficult inside your home as you will want to keep it hidden. You may need to chase it into the walls or you may prefer to pay the local electrician to do this as they will have to make the connection to your fuse box for you.







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