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Different Types Of Phonak Hearing Solutions


There are lots of different hearing solutions available for people today, yet there is no denying that Phonak is one of the main leaders in this area. Read on to discover more about different Phonak hearing options.

Phonak Smartlink

We recognise the rapid pace in which technology is advancing and so hearing aid manufacturers strive to ensure their products are innovative and reflective of today’s society. You can learn more about selecting hearing aids and the fitting process involved. The Phonak Smartlink’ transmitter is the perfect product to help individuals with hearing difficulties when it comes to staying up to date with the advancements of modern-day life. 

The transmitter can connect to an array of modern gadgets, such as mobile phones, via connecting through Bluetooth. The standout feature of this product is its noise reduction capabilities which can help to minimise background noise significantly.

Nevertheless, whilst Phonak recognises that their primary concern is to create products which provide individuals with a better platform for hearing and overall communication, they also know that the goods we offer need to be practical and convenient as well. The Phonak Smartlink’ reflects that with its ease of use, small size, long-range capability and versatility. 

 Phonak Inspiro

The Phonak Inspiro product aims to combat the frustration that is felt when children find it hard to understand their parents or their teachers. We can imagine how difficult, exhausting and upsetting it can be for young ones when they are constantly faced with a struggle every time someone speaks to them, and this transmitter aims to ensure that those feelings rarely surface.

The ‘Phonak Inspiro’ boasts an array of unique and innovative features which provide you with the cutting edge technology in hearing equipment. For example, the AMFA – Adaptive FM Advantage – is a feature which brings out and emphasises the teacher’s voice in separation from all the background noise and distraction. Thus giving your child added clarity and making it easier for them to understand.

Phonak FM

Society is constantly changing and technology is something which is at the core of this. Thus, Phonak constantly seek innovations and partake in research in order to provide the leading hearing products for our customers.

The Phonak FM range boasts a vast selection of different goods including; transmitters, receivers and accessories. Each individual is different with regards to the hearing difficulties they experience, which is why you will see a huge selection of products to accommodate each situation. 

You should see a professional before buying a hearing device

Hopefully, you now have an insight into some of the most popular Phonak ranges that are offered by the brand today. There is no denying that these products certainly lead the way in terms of hearing yet it is imperative that you see an experienced audiologist so that he or she can diagnose your condition and recommend the best hearing aid based on your specific needs.


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