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Different Types of Grills and How to Choose the Best One


Regardless of the size of your backyard get-together, finding the right grill is essential. It helps to choose a model that can accommodate your cooking style and fit into your experience level. You shouldn’t just visit an outlet and get the machine first provided to you. 

Each grilling machine has its heating source and added components. It is why familiarizing yourself with the different types of grills and knowing how to choose the right one is essential.

There are several models to choose from when it comes to this fixture. This makes it easier to find a suitable machine to prepare the perfect meal for friends and family during a get-together.

To better indulge, let’s make a list of the most popular grills to suit your outdoor activity:

Charcoal Grills

This appliance is now a favorite for outdoor cooking. This is for many reasons. The charcoal is very easy to operate and use. Also, it is renowned for providing a smoky, rich flavor to every meal it prepares.

All charcoal barbecue grills operate with a few basic similarities. The bottom of the appliance is where the air is being consumed and is adjusted manually. When air enters the device, it passes through the lit charcoal. 

Afterward, it then exits via an additional vent located at the top of the appliance. This is similar to a wood-burning stove. The more air that passes and leaves through the machine, the hotter it becomes.

One essential benefit of adjusting the air that the charcoal grill receives and exits is that you can get a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. This fixture is primarily beneficial when cooking tougher slices and cuts of meats for a long time. It allows the meat to get softened to any desired texture and taste.

Kamado Grills

This appliance is often referred to as a ceramic smoker or egg grill. Compared to the charcoal model, the kamado model is much more sophisticated. It, in fact, just surged in popularity for about ten years now.

This machine has the shape of an egg. It is much heavier than the charcoal model because it is constructed with thicker ceramics. Just like the charcoal model, airflow and temperature are adjusted at the bottom of the appliance.

However, any slight adjustment can allow for a significant change in the temperature because of its engineering. Also, because of the weight of the kamado grill, the lid doesn’t remove altogether, as it is connected to the base of the appliance with heavy-duty hinges.

This appliance produces less ash than the charcoal model. This is because it makes use of hardwood lump charcoal as its source of heat. Also, most cooking enthusiasts would tell you that the hardwood lump charcoal that the kamado grill utilizes makes for the best flavor. You can find more here on how to use a kamado grill. 

Charcoal Kettle Grill


The charcoal kettle model is a highly common type of charcoal grill. They are quite easy to operate and consist of nothing more than a rounded button, grates, a removable lid, and a stand.

Charcoal goes in the bottom of this appliance raised on a small crate. This allows ash and other residues to fall easily off the heat source, thus maintaining even airflow over the charcoals.

An essential benefit of the charcoal kettle model is that it is very portable. This is because they are structured with relatively lightweight materials. They come in a variety of sizes as well. Still, most are portable and require very little charcoal during use.

Pellet Grills

Although this fixture was out of fashion, they have resurfaced in the past few years. This is because they provide a better flavor coating to the meat than most models.

A genuinely remarkable benefit of using the pellet model is that it acts as both a smoker and a grill. This has, in fact, making this appliance a sought-after one.

The temperature can easily be adjusted to ensure that the meal is prepared to your desired taste. Because of the electrical components of the pellet model, it has to be plugged into a power source. 

So, ensure to keep this in mind during your selection. You can check this page for more on pellet grills and how to work them. 

How to Choose the Right One?

Knowing the different options available to you helps a lot when selecting your machine. However, you must consider your cooking style and space as well.

  • Check that you have the suitable space and support for a heavy machine.
  • If you grill on other areas other than your home, then consider portability.
  • Find out the number of people you are cooking for

You must know the different grills available for purchase. This will ensure you find a machine that is best suited for your needs. Find a provider that can provide you all the correct information on your appliance. This will ensure you get the best out of your purchase.

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