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Diaper Daisy – More than just cloth diapers!

Shelby in her Flip Diaper Cover

As many of you know I am a Cloth Diaper mom! When I say I love my cloth, that is an understatement. I LOVE my cloth!

I decided to cloth diaper when I was in my 2nd trimester with my third baby. I read a ton of information online, and visited various cloth diaper blogs. Most people first think about cloth diapers for the financial aspect of it, and yes that was a big part of it. I loved the idea of not needing to go out and buy disposable diapers.  Plus look how cute a fluffy bum is!

But after reading more and more, the idea of cloth was intruding to me.  Next I reached out to my friends in person and online. I was introduced to a forum on Fertility Friend devoted to cloth and that is where I learned the most. Veteran moms who cloth diaper shared their secrets and I was hooked!

But getting my husband on board with cloth was not very easy.. until he saw a Cloth Diaper and felt it. He then was ok with me using cloth as long as I didn’t spend too much money.

I wrote a post on the basics of Cloth way back in May. It basically is an intro for anyone who is thinking about cloth.

We had a ton of trial and error, with washing and detergents, and rashes. It is not all fun and games at first but once you get the hang of it, and your wash cycle down it’s easy!

The hardest part for me was finding diapers I liked and worked great for us. My favorites are bumGenius 4.0, bumGenius Freetime and Bummis Easy Fit. But I love to try out diapers in different styles and prints. It’s always fun to try out all kinds of diapers because you never know what will work for you and your family. What works for me, may not work for you!

I think for anyone who wants something easy and that doesn’t require inserts I highly recommend the bumGenius Freetime. The Freetime is an All-in-One (AIO) diaper. For those that don’t know what AIO is, it is a diaper that comes ready to go. No inserts, no stuffing, no covers. It is my go to over night diaper. The only thing I don’t like, and maybe that is because Shelby is only 7 months and 17 pounds is that it makes her bum extremely fluffy and I have to use the next size up clothes for her. BUT I have not had a single leak or blowout with the Freetime.

I also love the bumGenius 4.0. This is a pocket diaper. Pocket diapers do require you to stuff them. Hook and Loop (Velcro) is of course the easiest and fastest diaper but I like the snaps because they will last longer than the hook and loop (for us anyways).

Shelby in her bumGenius 4.0

I think one of the biggest questions that parent’s ask is how many diapers do you need. Well, that is a great question. While I know I have plenty for washing every two or three days, I still want more. We have four freetimes, 4 Flip systems, and I think 15 bumGenius 4.0 (mix of snap and velcro).

Diaper Daisy is a great online store (who also has a boutique for those of you in Mission Kansas!), and has a huge variety of products – not just cloth!  But one thing I love is that they offer Cloth Diaper Trials! This is perfect for any family who is thinking of Cloth Diapering but don’t know where to start!

They carry so many of my favorite products that I use all the time. Like: Undercover Mama (turns your nursing bra into a shirt), Baby K’Tan (it’s a baby wrap without all the wrap carrier), Planet Wise pail liner (for your diaper pail), and Sophie the Giraffe (yes Shelby loves this squeak toy).

If your interested in Cloth Diapers but don’t know where to start, Diaper Daisy has a great article on “New to Cloth”. You can of course search for Cloth Diaper Blogs, look online at facebook, or leave me a comment and I can try my best to answer or point you in the right direction!

*I did not receive a product or compensation for this post. I wrote this post as my entry to be the next Diaper Daisy Blogger. All opinions are my own. The Cloth Diapers shown above were purchased by me.

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    1. Jennifer, I completely understand what you mean. I was very overwhelmed at first too. But like I said readying the cloth diaper blogs was so useful!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am considering using cloth when we have baby #2. I think it would be good to try at least.

    1. Jessica, I had every intentions of trying, but after trying I loved it. Even now that Shelby has started solids it still is easy. I was scared about solids and the mess but so far no big issues!

  2. We are addicted to cloth too! We actually aren’t that far from Diaper Daisy and it has been a place I have been dying to go see in person! I am going to try to do that in the next few weeks

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