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Deter Skunks With These 5 Reliable Steps

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with skunks, silverfish, or other home invaders, you’re going to want to know the most effective way of limiting an issue. Of course, it’s preferable to deter the pests first as this saves a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

If you’re looking to tackle silverfish or something similar then click here and take your first steps today to resolving the issue.

Skunks are a nuisance because they’re attracted to the waste products you place in your garden. In their efforts to secure the prize they are likely to destroy sections of your garden and knock your bins over, making a substantial mess.

Fortunately, you can deter any skunk with the following 5 steps, a little patience goes a long way!

  1. Expert Help

Before you start focusing on keeping the skunks away from your garden you need to make sure you don’t already have an issue with skunks, or any other pest. You can find out more info about your local pest control service and get them t check your yard for you.

This will help to ensure you don’t have a skunk issue or, if you do, they’ll be able to eliminate it for you.

  • Remove Food & Shelter

Skunks tend to live under your deck or in another secluded spot around your yard. The skunk will prefer to be fairly close to your food waste.

Their diets include fruits, berries, grass clippings, vegetables, and the rubbish in your bins. You may not be able to stop your plants growing but vigilance will help to deter skunks.

Your bins should be kept securely closed and a good distance from the house. If this isn’t possible it may be better to keep them in the garage overnight.

Using a compost bin will also help to eliminate natural garden waste that may attract skunks.

Eliminate the potential shelters by blocking up spaces. That means enclosing the space under your deck, trimming bushes, and even eliminating log piles. All of these will give the skunk fewer places to hide.

  • Light It Up

Skunks are not fans of light. As nocturnal creatures, they’ll stay away from the light. The best idea is to use solar-powered movement sensor lights. These will recharge from the power of the sun and then come on if the skunk moves around your garden.

This is cheaper than using mains electricity but you may notice an increase in moths and other insects that are attracted to the light.

  • Chemicals

A quick visit to your local store or a chat with your local pest control expert should provide you with some chemicals that skunks don’t like. In fact, fox or dog urine are two of the best ways to keep skunks away.

Simply purchase a product containing this and spray it in areas where you’ve seen skunks. They will avoid these areas. Creating a chemical barrier around your yard is effective at deterring skunks.

  • Sprinklers

Just as skunks don’t like the light they aren’t very keen on water either. Adding motion activated sprinklers to your yard will help to keep your grass and plants healthy. The sprinklers will catch them off-guard and be enough to persuade them not to return to the same area.


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