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Dental Emergencies

Emergency dentists can assist with all kinds of dental emergencies. If you’re suffering from acute pain or you’ve experienced a trauma, you might need to seek emergency advice from a dental professional as soon as possible. One such trauma could be having your teeth knocked out for whatever reason.

Dealing With Teeth That Have Been Knocked Out

A tooth that has been knocked out completely is also called an avulsed tooth. It can happen for various reasons, from suffering a blow to the face that causes damage or falling over and hurting your mouth or jaw. It can also be a side effect of a wider accident such as a car crash or sports incident. Whatever way the injury occurred, there’s no doubt it can be very painful. Your mouth will be bleeding and you’ll need emergency dental care from a dentist. Medicare Nationwide can help to ensure you have the right plan in place to cover these sorts of dental emergencies, otherwise they can get very costly. 

To try and save the tooth, you’ll need to retrieve it and put it in milk. The key is to get it to an emergency dentist as rapidly as possible to have a chance of saving it. Finding an emergency dentist can seem overwhelming, especially at short notice. If you work in the city you’ll probably commute in, meaning that your usual dentist may be inaccessible in your current predicament. At this point you’ll have to find a trusted central dental clinic you can treat your emergency efficiently and effectively. When you’re in pain and on the clock, the last thing you want to do is shop around so why not think ahead of any incident and carry a reliable emergency number in your wallet or bag?

What About Mouth Braces? 

Emergency dental services can be excellent when you find yourself in need of urgent dental treatment. This can include tooth abscesses or uncontrolled bleeding from your gum that can really panic you. However, you may not be sure of what to do if you have a problem with your braces.

Many dentists don’t class issues with braces as a dental emergency and they often advise booking a routine appointment. However, in some cases, an emergency dentist may be necessary. For instance, breaking your braces may damage the rest of your mouth in some way. If this occurs, you’ll need help to stop your teeth or gums being damaged further. 

By consulting an emergency dentist, you could prevent any ongoing issues caused by the brace. It is the case, though, that if your braces aren’t causing you immediate pain, breaking or damaging them is not really seen as a dental emergency by professionals. Even so, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a huge problem for you, especially if you’re holidaying or you wouldn’t be able to visit your usual dental clinic for quite some time.

In this case, finding a dental clinic that can offer you urgent appointments at good prices could ensure that your holiday isn’t ruined by a silly accident. This is especially the case when dealing with children who have braces fitted. Managing to find a dentist who will accommodate your needs is very important, so it’s worth researching before you set off to the capital.

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