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Daily Beauty Routines for Healthy Skin

The harsh truth we have to face is that we’re not getting anyyounger. As we mature, our body changes, and our skin loses its elasticity,becoming more prone to wrinkles, dryness and sunspots. Your daily habits have abig impact on what you see in the mirror. Ultimately, as our mind needs to befed and pampered, so does our skin. Here’s what you should keep in mind whendeveloping your daily routine for healthy and beautiful skin.

Know your skin type

Depending on your skin type, there are products and techniques yourskin will either benefit or experience a negative impact from. The right beautyroutine starts with knowing what kind of skin you have. Only then you’ll knowhow to take proper care of it. The most common type is combination skin – oilyin some spots, typically nose and forehead, and dry in others. For flaky orrough skin, you’re looking for products for dry skin type. If you have bigpores and visible greasiness, your skin type is oily. For those whose skin isprone to burning and itching, look for products which are specifically made forsensitive skin. Once you’re familiar with your skin type, you’ll find the rightproducts and come up with an effective daily routine for keeping your skinhealthy.

Find your perfect facial cleanser

The first and most important step in keeping our skin healthy andyouthful is proper cleansing. With all the dust and bacteria we’re constantlyexposed to, our skin needs to be cleaned in depth and regularly. However, thereis such a thing as too much cleansing, which can have a counter effect on yourskin health. The right formula cleanses your skin without stripping essential,healthy oils, which protect you from dryness and external bacteria. So, take iteasy with exfoliating scrubs, especially those with crushed walnut shells orother abrasive ingredients – they should be used only once every week ortwo. In accordance with your skin type, choose your perfect facial cleanser.For instance, when it comes to acne-prone skin, it’s all about using qualityacne products which are suitable for your skin type. Foaming liquidcleansers are the best choice for getting rid of puberty pimples or adult acnebecause they help break down dirt and excess sebum frompores. However, micellar water – the phenomenon of the 21st century – is good for basically any skin type. So, when in doubt, thissoap-free option, a staple of French beauty routines, is your go-to.

Feed your skin

Besides hydration, cleansing and toning, your skin needs tobe fed as well. Literally fed. Instead of products high in calories and low innutritional value, switch to superfoods such as acai, goji berries, and chiaseeds – add these to your daily diet and preserve the beauty andyouthfulness of your skin. Incorporating fresh veggies, fruits and, mostimportantly, fatty acids – most commonly consumed through fish or algae powders– provides your skin with necessary vitamins, mineralsand oils to stay hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays and other externalfactors.


A common flaw in daily skin routines is skipping moisturizerbecause you believe you’re either too young to need it, or that your skin istoo oily and hence moisturized enough on its own. All skin types need tomoisturized, and this is an essential part of a successful skin beauty routine.According to your skin type and your preferences, find the best moisturizer,but make sure it contains skin-repairing ingredients such as glycerin, sorbitol,urea, or propylene glycol. Keeping your skin moisturized prevents dryness,bruising and tearing. Also remember that different seasons require differentskin routines and hence different moisturizers – for instance, your skin needsheavier moisturizer during the winter. 

Use a sunscreen

Spending time in the sun will increase your risk of skindamage, in the form of rapid aging, developing brown spots, or frequentflakiness. The highest UV radiation exposure is in the morning andmid-afternoon, so make sure to applysunscreen with at least 30 SPF and seek shade at all times. No matter howexcited you were for the sun to finally kiss your body, youneed to be careful and moderate with sunbathing, because otherwise, your skinmight suffer permanent consequences.

The health of your skin depends on many factors, including theeffort and dedication you invest in your skin regime. You do age and your bodydoes change over the years, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your skinwill have to lose its youthfulness and beauty. Take note of the tips above andpreserve the glowing and young-looking skin as you age as well. 


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