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Customize your beach cruiser for better fit

Most of us learn to cycle during our childhood days. Some of us may have cycled to school and after that may not have cycled since. Looking back to those days, it was fun cycling with friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn back the clock to relive those carefree days again? If only we could!


Most of us have car and we go everywhere in our car, even to the nearby grocery store. We depend on the car to take us on our errand runs, to work, to school, and etc. because it is faster and safer. In this modern age, due to the convenience of using a car, people are getting less exercise. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, there is an increase in poor health issues.


Health and medical experts are coming up with all kinds of health programmes to encourage people to exercise. They are reaching out to the schools, bring awareness of healthy living and benefits of exercise among the younger generations. It is a positive move to start health education when they are still young so that it will become their lifestyle. The programmes also include the older generation with walking exercise, lying down exercise, sitting exercise, and other less strenuous exercises.


For those who love the outdoor life, would most probably enjoy cycling. Cycling is a wonderful exercise and great for working out the different muscles in your body. Outdoor cycling allows you to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, parks, beaches, etc. and you also get to breath in fresh clean air in unpolluted areas.

Choosing a bicycle will depend on where you will be riding the bicycle. Bicycles are classified as hybrid, cruiser, comfort, and commuter. You can check out the different types of bicycle available with an online search and you will probably find sixthreezero.com among the top bicycle sites. If your friends are riding beach cruiser, then it is natural that you will be interested in getting a women’s beach cruiser to join in their rides.


When choosing and ordering your beach cruiser, sixthreezero.com is one place where you can customize your own bike according to your requirement. For the bicycle to be built to fit you, you can use the body fit tool on the website and you can also choose your preferred colour for your bike and parts. What fun it will be, cruising along the beach with your friends and maybe pack a picnic basket along with you to enjoy a picnic lunch together.










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