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Creative Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing a person notices when they walkpast your house. There are many things you can do to add curb appeal, which canalso increase the value of your home. Whether it’s a neighbor or potentialhomebuyer, you want your home to have excellent curb appeal.

CreativeWays to Increase Curb Appeal

InstallingSliding Barn Doors

Exterior barndoors are a creative way to freshen up the barn or shed you have on yourproperty. Sliding barn doors, which are relatively easy to install, are asimple yet beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of your property.


Painting your home is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to addcurb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can provide your home the change it needsand helps protect your against harsh elements, such as rain, wind, and snow.

Take Care of Your Lawn 

When it comes to maintaining good curb appeal, there is nothing moreimportant than taking care of your lawn. You should regularly mow your grass.Depending on how much rain your lawn receives, you may need to mow it once aweek. You should also pull weeds, rake leaves, and water it regularly toprevent brown spots. If you have trouble maintaining a green lawn, you may wantto consider lawn alternatives such as artificial turf.

Updating Gutters

Before you decide to replace your gutters entirely, you should first clearout the debris and give them a good cleaning. You can then decide if they’resalvageable. If your gutters are covered with peeling paint and rust spots,they may need to be completely replaced. You might want to update your oldgutter system with snap-fitted vinyl gutters. They are easy to install andrequire no painting.

Makeover Your Mailbox

Your mailbox is usually the first thing a person sees before they approachyour home, and it may require a makeover. Your mailbox should complement yourhome and express yourpersonality. When updating your mailbox, it’s important to pick colors thatmatch the exterior of your home. You may also want to incorporate flowers orgreenery along the sides of the post.

Adding a Shed

Add a shed to your backyard is a great way to increase the value of yourhome and add a little curb appeal, which is also a great way to free up storagespace in your home. Adding a shed to your property is never a bad idea,especially if your garage is already overflowing with tools. A shed is greatfor storing lawnmowers, bikes, along with gardening tools. You can also use theshed to keep potentially hazardous materials out of reach from children, suchas weed killers, fertilizers, and other household chemicals.

Incorporate More Greenery

Going green is never a bad idea. There is no better way to boost curb appealthan by planting some greenery or flowers around your home. You can plantflowers, such as lilies, coral bells, or roses to brighten your yard. They canalso accent the color of your home. You could also plant marigolds or lemonbalm. These plants are easy to maintain and help repel mosquitoes and insects.If you don’t have time to plant flowers, you could purchase ready-madecontainers from a floral shop. This will add symmetry and create a dynamicsetting.

Design a Walkway

A well-designed walkway can really make a huge difference. A walkway canmake your home look more inviting and put together. Adding a walkway to yourhome will increase curb appeal. There is nothing that looks worse than anovergrown walkway lined with cracked or broken stones. You can build a walkwayout of stone, brick, or incorporate visual cues, such as lighting along thesides to create a clear pathway. If you’re not looking to completely redo yourwalkway entirely, you could simply apply a colored concrete resurfacer, whichis a great way to brighten up your old walkway. You can also create a permanentwelcome mat by tiling or painting your front porch or stoop, which will addcreativity and impress onlookers.

Installing Window Boxes

Installing a windowbox is an easy way to incorporate a little color and charm to your home’sexterior. A window box provides a traditional look and can be built with copperor iron. You can also use painted wood which provides that cottage feel. Youcan also incorporate flowers and plants to match your color scheme. Windowboxes are easy to build. You can easily find DIY videos online to help you.


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