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Creating the Perfect Family Bathroom

A dull, nondescript bathroom is not what you want in a warm family home. From the layout to the décor, various aspects of bathroom styling depend heavily on the people using the bathroom. Sometimes there are people of different age groups using it. There are families with seniors, and there are those with tiny tots. So, how do you create ‘the perfect family bathroom’ that scores in the looks segment and also keeps it secure and convenient for everyone?

Simple and Efficient Layout

The first step to creating a family-friendly bathroom is to pick a practical design and one that is also simple in various ways. It should give easy access to everyone at home and should be easy to maintain. It should also solve the needs of everyone at home. Various aspects contribute to a family-friendly layout. For example, the bath/shower design, the positioning of the toilet, and the washbasin. 

Let There be Space

When you decide on the layout, make sure that you maximize the floor space. Wall-mounted washbasins and wall-mounted toilets are some of the examples of how you can save floor space. For kids, you need a lot of floor space to let them move around without trouble. Especially as bath times can be a whole family affair.

Toilet Choice

Here are some of the specifics of a good-family friendly toilet;

•    Choose one that is not too wide, one that doesn’t take too much space. This allows you to use children’s potty seats that you can snap on to the regular toilet seats. 

•    Do not choose a tall toilet – select a height that is safe for kids to use. Use a step stool or kids potty training ladder with a no-slip surface. 

•    Place the flush trigger button at a conveniently accessible height

•    Place convenient holding handles near the toilet if you have elderly at home. There are toilet safety rails that are easy to install.

•    Install a soft close lid for the safety of the little fingers (plus it means the boys will be more likely to close the lid as it’s easy to just give it a push and it won’t slam shut)

•    Consider child locks for the toilet seats if you have especially adventurous little ones

Flooring Matters

Anti-slip tiles are a must in bathrooms, especially in the wet areas. Whether you have older people at home or children, it also helps to add a few anti-slip vinyl bath mats. Absorptive bathmats can help create dry bathroom floors for safety. Nice bathmats can also simply brighten your bathroom and keep toes off cold tiles in winter. 

Adjustable Shower Heads

There are several innovative bathroom fixtures available in the market today like the adjustable showerheads, for example. These can provide a comfortable shower for everyone at home. These come either with magnetic adjustment strips or sliding bars or even a shower head with an adjustable arm. Young kids can be intimidated or uncomfortable with a very high shower head. Sharp water falling on you from a great height? No thanks! An adjustable arm solves that.

Bathtub Design

Make sure you think about the height of the bathtub. You might need appropriate step-up and step-down options added outside and inside of the bathtub too. If you have a bathtub-and-shower-in-one design, then you can add anti-slip vinyl bathmats inside the tub to prevent slips. Grab bars, like the safety rails, are important fixtures near the bathtub for the homes with the elderly (or just the plain tired and clumsy…). Sunken bathtub designs with step-down graduation will be more comfortable for the little ones as well as the elderly. So, if you’ve got the budget, don’t forget that option for a remodel.

Let There be Storage 

Provide ample storage in the bathroom when the whole family is using it. You need plenty of space for the toiletries, toys, towels, talcum, toe-nail clippers… and so much more. There are shower hung caddies for secure storage and access of toiletries for kids. You can even add a towel rail and hang some wicker baskets in it for storing bath toys. There are some shower curtains which come with pockets for storing toiletries to help kids grab them when they are in the tub. The other most important aspect of the storage design is to install a high cabinet to lock away all your cleaning supplies. Or better yet, store these elsewhere. You would also need a secure place for your care appliances like curling irons, trimmers, and other items that you do not want your children to access. 


Finally, the looks of the bathroom. From the core theme to the colors, I like to try and impress the whole family. Using bright colors in some areas with a few quirky elements can encourage the little ones to the bath. There could be timers, sticker charts, and other such features added to help the kids learn to brush the right way and encourage them when they do. Adding plants can be beneficial to the whole family as it can help purify and freshen up the air. 

So there you have it, not everything, but hopefully a few things to spark your imagination and help you create your perfect family bathroom.


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