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Creating Some Extra Breathing Room

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

The advent of the tiny home has created an interesting need for ways to effectively increase space in small areas. While for most homes the problem is just making effective use of the space provided with attics and garages providing extra space as needed, tiny homes and apartments rarely have that sort of extra space available. Even large homes can use some extra space, especially if there are a lot of people living there. Although some homeowners are notorious for cleaning their homes of extraneous stuff and there are numerous shows to help avoid hoarding, it can only help to have a few extra tips to save space.

Adding Some Extra Space

The first area to look at is how the home is arranged. A good start is using interior pocket doors whenever possible. A normal door will open up into space; this is sometimes an ineffective use of space. A pocket door will slide into an adjacent wall rather than opening into or out of rooms, giving the home a little extra where a normal door would occupy when it was open. This allows the homeowner to put up shelves in those small areas. 

Along those lines is the Murphy bed, a bed that folds up into a wall; when up, it provides more walk space and opens up a room.

Another option is to use multiple-use furniture. The obvious example is the fold-out bed or a couch that folds out into a bed. While it may not provide a lot of extra room at night, it does provide a little extra space during the day, or whenever it is folded up. 

A futon is another great idea and provides the same service but at a fraction of the cost. Some tables come with extending shelves or hidden drawers; this helps save space by providing not only use as a table but also provides some extra storage space. Some chairs even have a few built-in drawers. There are a lot of options when it comes to furniture so make sure to look into antique stores for some great ideas.

Decluttering Is Your Friend

Sometimes the best storage solutions have nothing to do with actual storage but managing what you have better. It is sometimes necessary to go through your home and decide if you really need all that stuff. This is the time to contribute to the local thrift store, make a run to the dump, or even just pack away some of the stuff you have out. Essentially, the idea is to simply go through the house every so often and either pack up or eliminate anything not currently serving some use.

Another thing to consider while you are doing that is to at least quickly inspect everything. You may need to replace some items due to use or because they have simply deteriorated due to age. These items should be tossed if they cannot be given away. Another consideration is that it may be time to upgrade the item in question and to replace it with one that either takes less space or has multiple functions. Decluttering should not be seen as merely annoying but it can actually be sort of fun.

Always Look For Weird Solutions

There are plenty of strange storage solutions. Some of the best solutions are just a matter of applying old items in new ways, such as using a suitcase to provide some extra space or a grate to free up some space on your landing strip. For those living in a cramped space, such as a small apartment or a tiny home, these sorts of solutions are just part of life. They are worth tracking down just to see if they can make life that much easier for those in such a space.

Even such simple solutions as hanging a television from a wall can free up much-needed space. For homes that are naturally crowded it can be worth it to find ways to create some extra space; adding space is just a matter of being better organized. Once you have everything organized as you need it, possibly with some great multi-use furniture and other items, you will find that you have a little extra breathing room, making all of that organization worth it.


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