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Countdown Cal (Halloween Countdown Calendar)

I am sure you have heard of Christmas Advent Calendars and how kids love to count down. I remember last year we did a countdown to Christmas and Sarah had so much fun every day telling me how many days until Christmas.

Why not continue the fun with a Halloween Countdown Cal?

The Halloween Countdown Calendar, filled with 16 foil-wrapped milk chocolate flavored treats. You start the countdown on October 16th and every day the kids open a flap that tells you how many more days to go!

I love that each day is marked with #1 and so forth, kids (and adults) find the right number, and  pop it open to reveal the candy with the days to go and a fun little image to find in the cemetery scene on the back of the box.

Sarah is beyond excited to start her Countdown. I find it also a great way to incorporate math. We add up how many days have passed, how many to go and how many total!

Make a game and have fun!

Another fun part of the calendar is Countdown Cal’s mascot “Countdown Pal,” a lovable calendar-like toothy guy.  Countdown Pal is on the back of the calendar and kids color or cross out one of his teeth every time a flap is opened.  This ties in with the countdown theme and helps children to visually track the date of Halloween as it gets closer every day.

Countdown Cal is manufactured in the USA, and you will see the chocolate is the popular Palmer candy!

You can purchase yours online at You can also save by purchasing more. Have more than one kiddo? Get them each one and save!



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