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Compelling reasons why DAM software should be at the heart of your marketing strategy

You may be familiar with the term Digital Asset Management software, or DAM. And if you are part of a fast business that is growing at an exponential rate, then your marketing and creative team may be struggling to keep up with the demand for digital marketing strategies and the demand for high quality branded content. This is where DAM software could make a real difference to the organization you work for.

Digital Asset Management software is the centralization of all your digital assets, allowing you to manage all your digital assets in one place. Instantly simplifying the organization, distribution and archiving of these resources, making them easier to handle as well as streamlining your workflow and reducing the likelihood of problems bottlenecking. Digital assets include any file that brings value to the company, including:

  • Your logo and branded media
  • Your videos including raw unedited footage
  • Audio files
  • Colour palettes and designs
  • Datasheets
  • Product information
  • Marketing materials

As a company handling potentially thousands of files, there are plenty of reasons why DAM software should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Read on to find out more.

The collaboration of your workforce


A workforce that can collaborate with ease, is a happy and productive one, and unlike other cloud-based storage solutions, DAM software can help improve the collaboration between different departments in your workplace.

From the marketers to event managers, human resources, e-commerce departments, creative team and more, DAM software can help teams seamlessly connect and complement each other’s roles effortlessly.

Perhaps the marketing team needs the latest product images from a recent shoot – a quick message to the product management team will produce the right images within seconds, allowing them to distribute their new campaigns promptly and keeping the business moving.

Data loss prevention

data loss prevention

One of the biggest issues facing any business is human error and when it involves your digital assets, the repercussions can be severe. DAM management tools offer added protection for all those precious files, automatically backing-up all your files for your peace of mind.

DAM software also offers limited access to certain files for specific users, keeping your most valuable assets, protected and private. With DAM the issue of files being accidentally deleted or the wrong files being uploaded and sent to the wrong users is a thing of the past.

Digital Asset Management software also means in the event of a cyber attack, your assets are protected from complete or partial data loss. Investing in DAM just makes sense!

And finally, you’re saving time

In business, time is precious and with DAM software, there’s no faster way to access all those digital files. You can’t possibly have your teams spending hours searching through thousands of files to find the latest version of your logo. It’s a recipe for disaster.

By using sophisticated metadata that seamlessly merges with your digital files, your employees can find what they need within seconds. Simplifying and organizing digital assets across your business is an investment that can prove to be vital.


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