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Common Road Laws Every Californian Should Know

If you want to avoid searching for “lawyers for drivers license suspension near me,” it’s important to understand your responsibilities as a driver. Here’s what you need to know about the most important road laws for California residents.

Speed Limits

Drivers must observethe posted speed limits. Where speed limits are not posted, drivers shouldfollow these guidelines to avoid the need for a speedingticket lawyer:

  • Maximum speed of 65 miles per houron multi-lane freeways
  • Maximum speed of 55 mph ontwo-lane highways
  • Maximum speed of 35 mph on citystreets
  • Maximum speed of 25 mph inresidential areas and school zones

Carpool Lanes

Heavy traffic alongCalifornia’s highways necessitates a carpool lane, which is limited to vehicleswith at least two or sometimes at least three passengers. Failure to observethe carpool lane laws, such as driving in this lane as a solo passengers,results in fines of up to $400 in some congested areas such as Los Angeles.

Red Lights and Stop Signs

Drivers who do notcome to a complete stop at a red light or a stop sign may receive fines startingat $35 as well as driver’s license points. A redlight camera California can be used to enforce this law. In this case, aticket would be mailed to your residence.

Drivers in the statecan make a right turn on red except where prohibited. Left turns on red arepermitted when both streets are one-way.

Driving Under the Influence

As in other states,California enforces harsh penalties for driving under the influence (DUI). Inaddition to alcohol and other drugs, the state’s DUI laws also apply tocannabis as of 2018. However, unlike the blood alcohol limit of 0.8%, no legallimit has yet been established for cannabis.

When you receive atraffic ticket, you can consult an experienced criminal defense attorney toadvocate for your rights. He or she can represent you in court and may be ableto negotiate for less stringent penalties.

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