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Cloth Diaper 101


When I first started thinking about cloth diapering it was about a month before Sarah potty trained so I found no point in looking into it. So when I became pregnant with Shelby I started looking into cloth diapering. I didn’t make the decision to cloth diaper until I was in my second trimester. Below are some of the tips I used for cloth diapering.

Trust me, when you first think about cloth diapering it cam be so overwhelming. You have no idea which diapers to get, where to buy them, how to wash them. But I did do some research first and figured why not at least try. If it it works out then I’ll save us a lot of money!

First, think about what type of style you want to use. This is a loaded question. There are so many different styles out there and some are not for everyone! I liked the easiness of disposables. I liked I just had to strap them on the baby and go. I knew that with Cloth Diapering I would want something easy. We did have an entire newborn stash but Shelby was so big we hardly used them at all.  For us we loved the newborn BumGenius AIO. Or you can wait until your baby is big enough for OS (one size) and not even deal with a newborn stash (what we will do next time around). Our favorites are definitely BumGenius OS. sure we have to stuff them with the inserts but I love how they look and to me are not bulky as other diapers.  Also, depending on the diapers you get think about washing time. Pockets take no time at all to dry while AIO take much longer.

Second, what is your budget? Before you can set a budget you need to think of the style of diaper you want. Obviously if you go with prefolds and covers it will cost a lot less than going with AIO (all in ones) or pockets. I didn’t really set a budget but I knew  wanted to keep my cost as low as possible. Depending on how often you want to wash your diapers depends on how many you need.  We have about 12 right now we really like, and fit the baby nicely and 6 that are ones we like but because they are snaps we use them last. We are washing diapers every other day.

Next, I suggest purchasing a few different brands. Don’t go all out and buy one brand and one type of diaper. You don’t know what you or baby will like. I knew I wanted to use what would be easiest but I am glad I have a bunch of different brands to try out. We have both hook and loop (velcro) and snaps. Both have their ups and downs. velcro is easy for night time changes and you can get a really good wit with smaller babies. But velcro can be a pain when it comes to washing, and the diapers may not last all the way to potty training. Snaps, will last longer, are easier to wash but it’s harder to get that snug fit on smaller babies. so purchase a few different brands/styles. Once you know what you like buy in bulk, and you can always sell the diapers you don’t like. (yes, cloth diapers hold excellent resell value).

Lastly, detergent. I decided to buy BumGenius Diaper Detergent. But others use  plain tide, or Rockin Green Mountain detergent. So be sure to research the detergent that will work for you. You will also want to read up on care and washing your diapers. Everyone will have different suggestions so be sure to read the brand’s website on the diapers you have on their care instructions.

Cloth Diapering is easy really. All you need to do is do a little research ebfore hand on the diapers you want to try, and there are so many awesome blogs/sites out there.

Our favorites are: Bum Genius (velcro and snaps) OS, Kissaluvs newborn, osocozy size s, and Bummis OS. I think I would have our entire stash BumGenius and Bummis only.



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