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Cloth Diapers: Rockin Green Detergent *Giveaway closed*

I love our cloth diapers. But I always struggle when it comes to washing. I feel that I wash the diapers a million times before I feel they are clean enough to dry.

I was really excited/anxious to try out Rockin Green Detergent. But I have heard so many great things about it I couldn’t wait. We received three sample packs of the detergent and also a full size Shake It Up! Pail Freshner.

each sample size of the Detergent is enough for 2-4 loads, depending on the size of the wash you are doing.  But the rule of thumb is sample size bag will do 2 loads in a Toploader and 4 in an HE machine.

I usually wash diapers every other day to every 2 days. So That is approximately anywhere from 10-16 diapers at a time. I do a cold rinse to get all the yucks out of the diapers. Then a hot wash with detergent, followed by two hot rinses and a cold rinse. I noticed that with the Rockin Green Detergent that that was enough for my wash cycle! After that I was able to put my snap covers and inserts in the dryer. Before with my old detergent I had to do hot wash, three rinses, and then another hot wash followed by more rinses! Took forever and I can only imagine the wear that puts on the diapers!

We also received the Shake It Up! Pail Freshner in Smashing Watermelons scent! We (like a lot of people) have to keep our diaper pail smelling good. Only once have I ever walked into the laundry room and smelled dirty diapers. And that was my fault because I had let the diapers sit too long in the diaper pail.

I definitely will be purchasing a full size bag of Laundry Soap for our Cloth Diapers.

To learn more head on over to

ONE winner will receive a bag of Classic Rock- 45/90 Loads – Remix in the winner’s choice of scent/formula.

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  1. My routine is a cold rinse, prewash, wash on hot, and two rinses. Right now I have to do it every night since I just have enough diapers for one day with my twins.

  2. Toss them in the washer before bed, then the dryer first thing in the morning. Every night. Simple.

  3. I set my washing machine to do a prewash, the a heavy soil hot wash, a cold rinse, and an extra rinse. I use homemade detergent right now.

  4. i rinse of poop and put diapers in pail. every 2-3 days I dump the pail into the HE washer. Cold rinse once sometimes 2 times. wash in hot extra long wash, extra rinse. line dry

  5. I like that Rockin Green detergent comes for different grades of water hardness
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  6. when I washed cloth I would add them to the washer, fill with hot water swish short time & spin, then follow with a full wash & double rinse cycle. I like that RockNGreen is made for dif. degrees of water hardness.

  7. we don’t cloth diaper but we do use rockin green because it seems to get our clothes much cleaner than tide etc! I also love having a powder I can use in our front loader

  8. I love that there are no enzymes. It is 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, and Great for sensitive skin

  9. Don’t have a routine yet but hopefully will soon :). I would like to try this new detergent because it sounds like it will work well!

  10. We are way past the diaper stage now, but I do like that they have a different type of rock depending on where you live in the US. I learned I live in the “soft rock” area!

  11. My favorite thing about this detergent is it could be used to help us cloth diaper our new little one!!! We are expecting next year and I’ve been looking for info on good products! 😉

  12. I like that you get so many washes out of the detergent.
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  17. I don’t currently use cloth diapers but do have some and am pregnant again so i’d like to use them with this baby. I like that is a natural product and it comes in various scents.

  18. I love that this detergent is so good for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and excema, so I have a hard time with lots of detergents. I would love to try this kind!

  19. I’ve never used it. For diapers or otherwise. I have very sensitive skin… I need this so bad 🙁

  20. We used to cloth diaper but my baby is potty-trained now! A lot of friends have tried rocking green with their diapering and have loved it – I love that it’s dye free & phosphate free.

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