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Climbing Frame Guides – Best Climbing Frames For Your Kids

Are you looking for an entertaining way to improve your child’s motor skills? Believe it or not, a climbing frame is an outdoor structure that enables kids to improve their coordination, posture, and cognitive development.

Climbing frames are built from different materials and equipped with a plethora of play features. In order to provide maximum safety, parents are advised to remove all garden obstacles and choose the right safety surface.

The following guide will assist you in selecting the best model for your kids.

Consider the material

Climbing frames are generally made from three types of materials, those being wood, metal, and plastic. The wooden models are both appealing and durable, build with either cedar or pine. Cedar is known to be waterproof and resistant to decay. This type of wood isn’t likely to splinter, which minimizes the risk of kids getting scratched or injured when crawling around. Visit this URL for some helpful tips about removing a splinter in case your kid accidentally gets hurt.

Unlike cedarwood, pine requires pressure treatment in order to reduce the likelihood of rotting. The exposure to weather elements darkens the color of pinewood over time, thus requiring regular treatment. Regarding modification, round wood models are virtually impossible to modify in comparison with sawn wood, which enables manufacturers to create a myriad of fascinating models.

Moreover, metal climbing frames are much less appealing than the wooden ones, looking like scaffolding. In terms of durability, metal structures are more long-lasting than the timber models due to being resistant to splinters and all kinds of weather elements. However, during the winter period, kids are supposed to wear thick gloves in order to prevent their hands from sticking to the freezing metal.

Ultimately, plastic climbing frames are best suited for youngsters between two and six years of age. These models are usually equipped with slides and swings, which become tedious as kids get older. The plastic structures are available in a variety of vivid colors, specially designed to attract the attention of toddlers.

Pick the right location

climbing frame

The position of the climbing frame in your garden is an indispensable factor to consider when looking for the right model. You are supposed to remove all types of garden obstacles in the form of tree stumps and rocks. Although rocks are heavy, tree stumps are incredibly stubborn when it comes to removal.

Apart from removing garden obstacles, you’d also need a level surface to install the climbing frame on.  After checking the dimensions of the structure, make sure you use a flat spade to cut across the hollow. You’d also need a shovel for the purpose of peeling the turf, removing, or adding soil.

In terms of surface, homeowners install these structures on a variety of different surfaces. For instance, the greatest number of individuals build climbing frames directly on natural grass, which provides excellent cost-efficiency and convenience. Others use either granular or elastic bark to form a layer that provides solid safety.

Furthermore, rubber bark is another popular alternative for a safe surface due to its absorbing properties. Conversely, some homeowners use safety mats whose thickness and size can be easily adapted to your preferences. Owing to their slip-resistance, these mats are believed to provide maximum safety.

Check out the play features

Climbing frame sets are equipped with a multitude of play features for kids to enjoy. Most of the high-end climbing frames come with swings, monkey bars, slides, rock walls, fort cabins, and picnic tables. For example, monkey bars are an ideal feature for kids who are keen on climbing and swinging like monkeys, which improves their posture and motor skills.

Additionally, swings are an essential feature for children to enjoy a flying experience while wrapped around with a belt. Regarding slides, these structures can be equipped with either a straight or a tube slide, or a combination of both. Adventurous kids would benefit from a model with a rock wall.

Bottom line

This type of outdoor structure benefits both the physical and mental health of children while having fun!


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