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Christmas Wishlist from ZEPTER

*This post is sponsored by ZEPTER

This time of year it seems like there are a lot of lists going around. TO DO lists of everything that needs to get done to prepare a nice holiday for family and friends, and if you’re really organized a list of things to get squared away before welcoming in 2014. Then of course there are the more fun kind of lists, WISHLISTS! Gifts ideas for family and friends are always helpful, and of course it’s important for us not to forget to share what we ourselves hope to find under the tree this year. What if there was a single gift that gave not to one person but each and every one of our loved ones we share our lives with? Wouldn’t that be the perfect Christmas gift?

ZEPTER asked me to make my own list of exactly these kind of magical gifts. For over 20 years (more than 20 Christmases!) they have been educating and equipping consumers to live healthier, longer, and happier lives through knowledge and the right tools. Everything they make is about putting our health and beauty first, which they protect through research, innovation, and development of better products they think we and the planet deserve. Isn’t that the ultimate Christmas wish, a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world? I think so. So in that Christmas spirit here’s my very own Christmas Wishlist from ZEPTER.

  • MASTERPIECE COOKWARE – While many of us make efforts to eat healthier, especially when cooking at home, we may be undoing all our good deeds by improperly preparing food. Overcooking, using too high of heat settings, and frying in general (especially with the wrong oils for high temperatures), can not only kill the majority of essential nutrients in our food, but also release harmful elements from pots, pans, and other materials we may be using. Collections like Masterpiece Cookware are designed to help you easily prepare food in the healthiest way, with low amounts of fats and water, while also protecting you from harmful chemicals being added to your food by using the highest grade of stainless steel, 316L.
  • SWISS NATURE SKINCARE – The skin is our bodies’ first mechanism of defense for the harmful external factors that can have profound internal effects. Sunlight, climate, pollution, stress and more can all wreak havoc on our bodies through out skin esthetically and beyond. All the more reason why we should look after it, but only with the best of care of course. Swiss Nature is a natural line with organic products engineered to harness the power of nature to protect this bodies precious organs and our health and hapiness in return.


Which of these gifts would like to give or receive this year? If you still need more ideas you can check out ZEPTER’s Facebook Page too!

*This post is sponsored by ZEPTER

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