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Chicco’s new NaturalFit™ Advanced Feeding System

*A product was provided by Chicco.

Chicco has just launched the NaturalFit™ Advanced Feeding System, which includes everything from bottles and pacifiers to nursing pads and bottle sterilizers, at buybuy BABY stores across the country.

The NaturalFit line is engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies as they grow, offering three stages of bottles with three distinct nipple shapes that adapt to the specific needs of growing babies.  For instance, did you know that infants are not born with the ability to suck?  That’s why Chicco’s Stage One NaturalFit bottle has an angled nipple with a slow flow.  At that stage in their lives, babies are simply squeezing with their mouths and their neck muscles aren’t developed enough to hold up their heads.

Right away I noticed the difference with the new newborn flow nipples. They are angled so the way allows for proper neck positioning for babies and ensures that the nipple constantly full of milk (reducing air intake). The Stage One bottle is also designed for an easy transition between breast and bottle with a soft, flexible nipple that mimics mother’s breast.

Around four months babies can then switch to the Stage Two bottle. This has the regular nipple. The nipple has an adjustable flow, perfect for this transitional stage in feeding development. The flow can be adjusted to slow, medium or fast, ideal for growing appetites. The round base allows for easy latching.

The Stage Three bottle is made for babies age six months and up. It is 11 ozs for older babies and the  Stage 3 nipple is designed to support a strong sucking motion and baby’s bigger appetite. The base of the nipple is smaller and less rounded for tighter lip support which is required for good sucking action. Long and elastic nipple makes sucking easier & encourages correct swallowing as baby’s suck-swallow pattern becomes more efficient.

I love this new line. The bottles are super easy to clean.

We also were pleased to learn about the Soothing System Pacifiers. They come in 0m+ 4m+ 12m+ sizes for growing babies.  The all NaturalFit™ pacifiers have a soft flex, orthodontic nipple designed for the specific stages in baby’s oral development.

chicconaturefit a (3)

The Deco Pacifiers have a slim profile – ring lays flat on shield for baby’s comfort. Extra-Soft silicone adapts to the unique shape of your baby’s mouth. Deco pacifiers are decorated in fashionable colors and designs. Tiny ridges, grooves, and angled shape allows for the natural positioning and movement of the tongue and even distribution against the palate

chicconaturefit a (4)

The Soft Silicone Pacifier are flexible and curved for easy fit (perfect for nap time), one-piece construction, extra-soft and breast-like. The nipple shape is designed to evenly distribute the tongue’s pressure against the palate. The narrow base allows for extra flexibility and optimal mouth closure.

You can purchase the new Chicco’s new NaturalFit™ Advanced Feeding System at Buy Buy Baby.

*A product was provided by Chicco.

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  1. I am way beyond this stage but love the different stages they made for baby as they grow. My nephews girlfriends sister is expecting and I will tell them about this. They really do sound great

  2. This company Called Chiccos really had made a great product for baby by making sure the baby bottles are like the real thing and make it so much easier for mother to feed her baby.

  3. I like that the all NaturalFit™ pacifiers have a soft flex, orthodontic nipple designed for the specific stages in baby’s oral development

  4. This looks great and would make a nice shower gift.It makes me miss when mine were babies time goes by way too fast

  5. I like how these account for all the stages that many people might not even be aware of. I’ll pass this along to my expecting friend!

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