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Caramel Apple Mummies for Halloween Entertaining


This Halloween just got spookier with scary-looking, bite-size treats ready to be served at Halloween parties or class celebrations, made only with the newest must-have kitchen gadget.

The Stackable Appetizer Maker  makes it quick and easy to create multi-layered, perfectly proportioned morsels in just 5 minutes!

Chefs of all ages can kick off the Halloween fun with the perfect bite-size snacks. Imagine being able to use ordinary ingredients, straight from the cupboard, to make delicious recipes like the Graveyard Stacks featuring brownies, pumpkin pie filling, whipped cream and cream cheese, garnished with bone sprinkles or Caramel Apple Mummies including cinnamon bread, apple pie filling, nuts and caramel ice cream topping, decorated with caramel sheets, googlie eyes and apple slices.

How to assemble ingredients in the Stackable Appetizer Maker:

  • Place the “Cut & Carry Base” in the main body.
  • Next, layer the ingredients, starting and ending with dry ingredients.
  • Layers are placed to a desired thickness or until the main body is full.
  • Once in place, it’s easy to cut into bite size pieces through the guide posts embedded into the main body.

It’s even easy to lift creations up and out perfectly by the handles attached to the “Cut and Carry Base.”

Caramel Apple Mummies
Cinnamon bread slices
Apple pie filling mixed with diced tart apples
Finely chopped nuts, optional
Drizzle of caramel ice cream topping
Cinnamon bread
Apple pie filling mixture
Chopped nuts
Cinnamon toast
Toothpick here to keep everything together
Cut and lay stacks on the side
Cut strips of caramel sheets about ¼ to ½ inch wide
Place googlie eyes onto the stack
Drape caramel strips on as the mummy bandage

Graveyard Stacks
Brownies, cut in half horizontally
Pumpkin pie filling with orange food coloring
Brownie layer
Whipped cream/cream cheese mixture
Brownie layer
Whipped cream/cream cheese mixture
Garnish with bone sprinkles

Cheesy Zombie Stacks
Pimento cheese + a little cheddar shreds to thicken the spread
Pimento cheese
Spread cream cheese/sour cream/green coloring
Fresh chives or green onion tops diced small (grass)
Zombie hand pick, googlie eyes on the side

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