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Common holiday pitfalls and how to avoid them #CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America CTCAThe holidays are a time many of us look forward to all year; a time for celebrating family and being thankful for friends. Music, parties and being cozy are some of our favorite things during the holidays, but let’s not forget the food. There is nothing wrong with enjoying these special treats, but it can often be difficult to stop yourself from overeating. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Registered Dietitian Sarah Kiser shares some common holiday pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Saving room for the big dinner. Depriving yourself of food can make you more likely to overeat when you do have a meal and less likely to choose wisely. You will be so ravenous that your judgment to make smart choices will be impaired. Instead, eat normal meals throughout the day: a well-rounded breakfast and lunch, and a light snack consisting of protein to keep those tummy growls at bay. By the time you get to the big meal, you won’t be as hungry, making it easier to pick and choose which foods you really want to eat.

Only socializing around food. Parties and get-togethers often revolve around snacks, meals, desserts and drinks, making it easy to overeat while spending time with your loved ones. Instead, try playing games or being active together. Spending time together in creative ways is a great way to celebrate the holidays without losing sight of your health goals.

Forgetting about liquid calories. Alcohol can be a significant source of added calories, and depending on what you mix it with, added sugar. These excess empty calories can raise blood sugar and be stored as fat. Drinking too much can also lead to dehydration and feeling sluggish the next day, making it very likely you won’t make it to that yoga class you vowed you would attend. Instead, pace yourself with the drinks. Sip slowly to enjoy the flavor. Drink water along with your adult beverage to stay hydrated. After one or two drinks, try switching to water. For a fun twist, try adding a splash of lime juice and frozen strawberries to seltzer water.

These are some excellent tips for all year long. I think it’s important for everyone to remember that we can have a great time without over eating or drinking.

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