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Camp Gladiator- New Beginning!

As you all know I love beachbody, have for over three years now but I recently was introduced to Camp Gladiator and I absolutely LOVE it!!

I just finished up week three and I really love the trainers, the community and the friends I have made! My goal for next week is to get in five workouts for the week!

What is Camp Gladiator? Well it’s working out of course, but on a whole new level! You have different trainers for different locations and each workout is an hour long.



Camp Gladiator has quickly given me the drive to get back to where I was fitness wise before we moved to Texas. I had a small group of friends I would work out with and when I moved I lost all that desire, motivation and gained forty pounds!! I was depressed and I cried a lot. I missed the old me the one who worked out all the time and wo lived and breathed fitness. CG gives me that satisfaction and while my food is still seriously a big thing I have been getting it under control.

So Camp Gladiator, you find locations near you and you can go to any of them. There are some super early in the morning and some camps at 7pm, it all depends on where you live and or how far you want to drive.

Camp Gladiator is for ALL fitness levels. You can be like me new to group work outs but that’s ok the trainers are amazing and encouraging, they also will modify any rep/round if you need. Yes I modify like crazy but one day I wont.

CG is a full-body functional workout program that combines strength and cardio in every 60 minute session. Every workout is different and each week we focus on something new: endurance training, strength and agility, interval and peak training. The workouts are challenging, but fun and it’s always a positive environment.

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