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I never understood how people had blankets that meant a lot to them. To me it’s a blanket, if it gets dirty, or had holes you would throw it away and get a new one…

But not if it’s a Blankie

Every time I see these two little blankets I have to stop and reflect on how crazy the past 8 years have been. We have lived in so many different towns, seen some pretty amazing things. Watched our babies grow into amazing little people, and yet we still have so much more amazing memories to make.

I just hope these two will be there to see it all too…

This picture cracks me up, every single morning the girls bring these downstairs with them and wrap themselves in their Blankies until it’s time to leave. (If I go look right now I will bet that Sarah has hers fairly close to her). When the girls were younger (well around the age of 2-3) I would have to fight to wash them, they would smell and be so dirty but I think for a little kid they are scared their blankie will get hurt in the washing machine, or the blankie will get scared of being a lone.

So soft and cuddly
Just like a kitten
You catch me as I fall asleep, off to dreamland
You keep the nightmares and darkness away
All I have to is say,
You are my blankie!
You keep out the cold winter chills
So sweet and caring, knowing how I feel
Now I wrap my arms around you
Giving you a gentle hug
For you are my blankie
In which I love!

Do your kids have a Blankie they can’t live without?

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  1. my boys are blankie fans……. like today i had bradley yelling at me “baby” (thats what he calls it)no dirty i want it its not dirty. then gavin was wanting his but i do try to get them washed once a week they go EVERYWHERE so they are always dirty and smelly.

  2. My son is 27. his blankie sits in my roll top desk. Getting rid of desk so it will have to find a new place to live. He has OCD so parting with it is out of the question. My mom picked it up at a garage sale…not a good idea for a blankie.

    I learned a couple things about a potential blankie…never get at garage sale (can’t replace); buy two so they can be switched out for washing without your child knowing; let your child decide when to give it up.

  3. I’m a mom of 4 kids

    My oldest : stuffed Barney the Dinosour

    My Second: had a blanket and a dolly till about 3years old! Then we got in a car accident, lost the doll and that was it…bought another doll exact, but she new it wasn’t “her baby”

    my third…….has “Mankies” he couldn’t say blankie and called it mankies…..he’s 10 and still sleeps with them! (recieving blanket)

    My fouth……nope…..has a stuffed dog that he called “bizz” but is 7 and once and a blue moon he needs it, but usually don’t!

    Its sweet though when they have a stuffy or blankie!!
    Or so I think 🙂

  4. Awwwww…it’s true blankies are special. I took Kaila’s away but it had holes in it from the wash.

    And Brooklin’s like…whatever. She needs her monkey. He sits next to her and sleeps with her. She just stares at him and feels him (like she did with my arm when we were breastfeeding) and she falls asleep.

  5. Yeah, the smelly blankie thing. I used to wait till my son was asleep and carefully pry it out of his hands and then wash it on the sly.

  6. My daughter is grown and has 2 little girls of her own now (my oldest granddaughter recently turned 5 and youngest just turned 6 mos.). My daughter was attached to her blanket and loved to rub the silkish binding on her cheeks & chin as she fell asleep. It was washed so many times that you could see through it and the last washing caused it to come apart and looked like a pile of threads. There was no way to salvage it. I threw it out and bought one that looked like it but when she took a look at it she just cried and wanted her “sookie sookie” back. I wished I had quietly bought several of the original blanket to rotate so she would of had replacements. I felt awful when she cried for the original one and she never took to any blanket after that which always made me feel so guilty.

  7. My youngest son has to have his “Neeneey”-aka Blankie….we have had some rough nights if we have left it somewhere!!!

  8. My little sister also takes her blankie everywhere! We have to wash it every week because it gets so dirty LOL

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