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Birth Without Fear by January Harshe

An inclusive, non-judgmental, and empowering guide to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life–by the founder of the Birth Without Fear online community–that offers straightforward guidance on all the options and issues that matter most to mothers (and their partners) when preparing for a baby.

I was about seven months pregnant with Mikey when I ran into Birth Without Fear January Harshe’s Instagram account. She too was expecting her last baby and I instantly fell in love with her candid moments and her realness about pregnancy, upcoming birth, delivery and basically a safe place to visit, to laugh and yes even cry.

When she delivered her last baby she started (ok maybe she didn’t start it buts she definitely made it more known) the Fourth Trimester Movement, and boy it helped me once I too had delivered baby number four!

Now our babies are turning four and I have always looked to Birth Without Fear as a place to send my expecting friends. So to hear that January Harshe had written a book BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR: The Judgement-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum  I was so excited!

Members of the Birth Without Fear community on social media (me!!!) are familiar with the conversation shifting regularly to postpartum, and Birth Without Fear is no different. The focus of so many pregnancy and birth books is on, well, pregnancy and birth. But what about after the birth? You have the entire rest of your life to live, only now with a new baby!

This is where Birth Without Fear comes in. With chapters on breastfeeding, self love, self care, mental health, and sex and intimacy, no stone is left unturned for those of you wondering “what next?” after the baby has arrived.

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