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Best Advice About Motherhood

Congratulations on bringing your little one to the world! Whether it’s your first child or your third, it’s an amazing thing for everyone. You must be feeling a little freaked out by the new chapter ahead. Use these little pieces of advice to guide you.

1. Take Advice Whenever Necessary

Be prepared to get a lot of advice from everyone around you, unsolicited or not. Some people around you might be alarmists, while others will provide advice from their perspective. You can always look for motherhood tips and advices on https://kindmommy.com/; Kind Mommy is a parenting blog that caters to Moms across the globe. Take advice whenever necessary. Use it from your own experience. You need to know what’s right and wrong. That’s where your motherly instinct kicks in.

2. Forgive Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like You Are Doing Enough

Motherhood has its happy and sad moments. You are likely going to feel like a failure a lot of times. It’s these times that you need to forgive yourself. As much as you want to give the whole world to your child, you need to be gentle, grounded, and self-aware.

Ask your child during one of the sad moments whether they feel like you are enough, and they will always say yes. The fact that you have raised a gentle and kind child is a sign that you are doing enough. Don’t fault yourself or blame yourself when things don’t go right.

3. Your Body Is Amazing

Are you having a hard time going back to your pre-baby weight? Do you have your cesarean scars? You are likely going to feel a little self-conscious about your body after giving birth. Even worse, you might feel overwhelmed, especially with all the moms parading on social media who bounce back so fast.

Well, you should know that everyone is different. Yes, some moms bounce back very fast. However, there are many untold stories of those who still keep the baby weight. You need to see your body as your superpower.

Your body is now stronger for going through an ordeal like giving birth. You are amazing and powerful for giving birth. Giving birth is a miraculous thing, and you need to treat yourself with compassion and patience. It doesn’t matter if your old clothes don’t fit anymore.

4. Don’t Project Your Insecurities To Your Child

Bringing a new life to the world is an immense action. However, you are likely going to project your insecurities to your child if you are not careful. For instance, if you didn’t achieve something in your career, you are likely going to push your child to do better.

Well, no one is perfect. As much as you gave birth to your children, they also have their mind and insecurities to conquer. You need to be a good mother and let them figure themselves out on their own. You need to let go of the reins and help them discover the world on their own.

5. Be Consistent And Follow What You Say

If you have a few kids running around, you are likely going to have a hard time trying to keep them in line. That’s why you need to have a reward chart and punishment chart. If you have to follow through with a punishment, make sure you follow through.

On the other hand, if you promise your kids something, make sure you follow through. Their little minds always remember the promises you made. If you don’t follow through, you will be breaking their hearts.

That’s why you need to be careful about what you say in front of your kids. Make sure it’s something you can achieve when you say it in the first place.

6. Don’t Shut Your Kids Down When They Open Up

At a specific age, kids will become chatterboxes, and it will be tough to keep them quiet. No matter what happens, don’t shut them down. You need to cheer them up and listen whenever they open up to you.

If they had a bad day at school, they would be ready to speak about it. If one of their friends is bullying them, they will be ready to speak about it. However, if you shut them down from an early age, they will close up, and you will never hear a word from them again.

Encourage your kids to speak up because that’s how you bond with them. If you want to learn what’s going on in their life, they need to tell it to you. Always be a good listener because that’s how you will know more about your child.

7. Find Some Peace Within Yourself

Now that your children are in your life, you will never have time to yourself until they grow up and move out. You need to find a new way of co-existing with your children. Every once in a while, you will be woken up with sticky hands or fingers up your nose, but you will always love these little moments even when they annoy you.

However, you always need to find peace for yourself. In case you are having a tough time sleeping, ask your partner to watch the children, and take a nap. You can also ask your friends and family members to help. If you let it build-up, you will always burst out even with the small things.

There is no right way to be a mother. However, if you are there for your children and are kind to yourself, that’s a good start!


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