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Back to School Art Supplies You Forgot to Pick up

School is back in session and the back to school shopping has come to a close. You’ve purchased every supply on the teacher’s list from pens, colored pencils, glue sticks, paper, and even boxes of tissues. But when you did all that shopping you may have forgotten one important element. The fun. Did you make sure to shop for fun?

We’re talking about those back to school art supplies that just make you smile like a fun patterned pencil or a silly scented eraser. And did you forget that item or two that takes school work creativity from ordinary to extraordinary? If you did, let us suggest some must have back to school art supplies you forgot to pick up.

Finding Creative Magic With Markers

You may have picked up that 8 pack of markers your teacher asked for, and maybe you also purchased a pack of dry-erase ones too. But there’s no reason you can’t also bring some markers to school that will expand the horizon of your creativity. OOLY has a large variety of markers that will give you exactly what you’re looking for whether its pretty pastels, eye-popping neons, or rich deep hues.

An inspiring combination of form and function can be found in the Pastel Liners Dual-Tip Markers. These pretty art utensils can be used to highlight with the 5mm chisel tip end, and to create beautiful soft colored art with the 3 mm fine tip end. Highlight notes, create maps or other visual displays and underline the important points of your work with these dual-tip markers.

If you’re all about inspiring your student to have a little fun with color then check out the Mini Monster Scented Markers. These little markers will fill the page with rich, neon hues whether it’s an assignment that involves color or some homework that needs a little punch. And your little one will have more than one sense stimulated during learning thanks to these Mini Monsters being scented too.

Not Your Ordinary Mechanical Pencil

You probably threw some packs of pencils in your cart at back to school time. Mechanical pencils are an excellent no-fuss option especially when school sharpeners are in short supply. What you may have not had the opportunity to pick up, however, is the best of both pencil worlds: #2 pencils in mechanical form.


OOLY offers Very Best Mechanical Pencils in a variety of barrel colors from Pretty Pinks to Cool Blues. The leads are strong with 2mm tips so you (or a student you’re shopping for) can write boldly without fear of breaking lead. Each package comes with four mechanical pencils, extra leads, and a special sharpener.

Flowing With Fountains

A not so common choice for back to school art supplies is the fountain pen. But if you don’t give these pens a try, you may be truly missing out. The smoothest of writers and finest of sketchers, the fountain pen will provide you with endless opportunities for inspiring creativity when you’re hard at work. Splendid Fountain Pens come in a variety of ink colors to amp up the volume on your imagination. They each come with extra cartridges, and refills are available too, so you don’t run out of ink anytime soon.




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