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Baby Product Checklist: Starting Guide for First Time Moms

20 days

First time parents have a lot on their plate. This is why they need to have everything ready before the baby comes. If you are a pregnant with you first child you probably picked most of the important stuff already. Despite this fact, there are some things that might slip your mind.

In this article, we are going to show you some of the must-have products for your baby. Once you finished reading this checklist, search all of the products on MomCrib.com. On this website, you can find reviews and lists of the best products for your child.

·       Diapers

As you probably expected, one of the most important things on this checklist is the diaper. Whether you want to use disposable diapers or a washcloth, you need to be prepared. Have a lot of these products at your disposal because, in the first days, babies can use up to 10 diapers.

You might want to choose different brand of diapers at first to see which one are good for your baby. He or she might get a rash from some of these products. After you selected the best for your baby, stick with one brand and size.

·       Baby Wipes

These are also essential for your baby. While some might think that it is ok to use normal wet wipes, the baby wipes are better for the sensitive skin of your little one. Using high-quality baby wipes prevents your baby from making a rash or an allergy.

·       Rash Cream

Unfortunately, from time to time, babies tend to develop rashes or allergies to certain products or even to their clothes. This is why you always need to have a special anti-rash cream. The cream is going to moisturize the skin of the baby and give your little one a rash-free skin.

·       Baby Bottles

If you are not breastfeeding or you are trying to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, you need to get some baby bottles. Start out with bottle with slow-flow. These are best for small babies and for the ones who are just getting used to bottle feeding. Also, you can try out special bottles that prevent gas and colic.

·       Baby Soap and Shampoo

Another thing you should keep in mind is that your baby needs to take a bath every day. You need to find a special soap and shampoo because their skin is too sensitive to use regular soap. There are several products on the market. Pick a few of them and see which one is the best for your baby preferably a no-tears formula.

·       Towel or baby robe

Once you finished washing you baby you need to wrap him or her in a robe or a towel. Normal towels are usually too big and too harsh for your baby. You can find a lot of great 100% cotton towels for your baby. Nowadays, you can even find little robes for you child.

·       Teething Toys and Gels

Unfortunately, your baby is not going to be very calm when the teething process starts. In order to help your little one get past the pain and itchiness, you need to buy a special gel or cream that can found in every drug store. Also, teething toys can be helpful. You baby is going to feel the need to chew in order to alleviate itchiness.

·       Thermometer

A thermometer is always welcomed in a home with kids. This device is going to let you sleep better at nights because you will know for sure that your baby is ok. Also, you don’t have to use this product only when you feel that your baby is too warm. Periodical checks are indicated, especially for small babies.

·       Nail Scissors or Clippers

Baby nails grow faster than you might expect. This is why you need to have special clippers or nail scissors prepared. It is easier to trim their nails after a long bath because the nails are softer. Also, make sure to always cut the nails with a baby clipper instead or a regular clipper.

·       Baby-friendly Laundry Detergent

Another thing you should buy is a baby-friendly laundry detergent. Some detergents contain certain ingredients that increase the risk of rashes. You can also select a laundry detergent for sensitive skin.


These are just a few products that are going to help you offer your baby the best care possible. Make sure to check everything on the list. Also, check product reviews to see which brands are the best.





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