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Are You Giving Your Kids the Best Apps and e-Games? Interview with with Dr. LeVos


With so much technology available just a click away, choosing the best, most educational apps and e-games for children can be tricky to navigate for any parent.  How can a parent be sure that their choices are most educational?  What criteria should parents consider before buying?  Is free better than paid?

I recently had the chance to send over questions for a interview with with Dr. LeVos who answered a few of my questions that I have been wondering about! Below you can see her answering my questions!

As the math and science development expert of LeapFrog’s Learning Team, Jody works on products across all platforms to teach math and science concepts in developmentally appropriate ways using research-based techniques. Before joining LeapFrog, she was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, a researcher and instructor, and a math textbook author. She is also the proud mother of two boys. She earned her doctorate in developmental psychology (specializing in mathematical and cognitive development) at the University of Alberta, in Canada.

*A product was provided. This interview opportunity is sponsored by LeapFrog.

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  1. I really love the educational toys and one of my grandchildren has many of them. He is really into anything with science and has some of their products

  2. My kids have wanted a leappad forever! I support and love learning toys! Leapfrog makes amazing products!

  3. Thank you so much for this. I am always doing searches to try and find the best apps for my kids! I love Leapster! and my kids do too.

  4. It’s good to know more about the people who are designing the games, and I see they’re truly more than qualified.

  5. I’ve been looking into these lately for my daughter, she loves to learn and games seem to keep her attention best right now. It’s a win-win!

  6. I love leapfrog and think they have some great educational toys. This just affirms how i have felt about them all along.

  7. I am always trying to find good apps for my children to play and learn with. Leap Frog seems to be an innovator when it comes to great learning games and such so they always come to mind first when I’m looking for such stuff. Thanks for the interview.

  8. Leap frog has been a favorite in our home every since my oldest son was little.
    I have always felt that my children have learned from every Leap Frog product that I have ever purchased.


  9. Yes I think it is a better idea to give your children educational toys instead of just hand them an ipad and let them play candy crush. haha.
    Thanks for the review!

  10. Instead of playing video games all day, it is really good for kids to play educational games because this really helps with learning. My nephew has Leap frog products and he really enjoys using them to learn.

  11. I love that LeapFrog has so many fun educational games. It is great that kids actually want to play with these toys.

  12. I feel good when purchasing Leap Frog products. I know i am getting my granddaughter something educational and fun.

  13. When a parent has a hand in the creative part of a toy it brings to it a real personalized feeling.. Who better to know what a child likes than a parent.

  14. I’m really impressed with all the science that Leap Frog puts behind their educational toys to make them truly educational.

  15. Good advice was given on how to choose age appropriate games and apps for kids. Technology is a part of our everyday life,but we can’t forget kids still need to physically read from a book and play board games.

  16. I have used Leap Frog with all of my children from about 6 months of age until currently. We LOVE their products and they are priced good as well

  17. I think it’s wonderful that LeapFrog is interested in providing educational content instead of simply entertainment for children!

  18. I’m sorry, but I’m NOT a huge fan of electronics for learning. I was a straight A student and used books. Do they exist anymore? Jeez!!

  19. Leap Frog is the best learning app on the market and it keeps kids busy learning by making it fun. Great product to own and give for Christmas.

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