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All about Play Nintendo *Win a WiiU Mario Bundle – Giveaway closed* #PlayNintendo

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At the beginning of October Nintendo launched Play.Nintendo!  With, you now have more ways than ever to connect with your favorite games and franchise characters! And that is just the beginning.

This website gives Nintendo fans of all ages access to all their favorite characters, the latest videos and cool new downloads and activities. Parents will love that Play.Nintendo has two sites! One for kids and one for parents!

The kids part of Play.Nintendo has some pretty awesome features from Tips & Tricks, DIY Crafts, downloads and full character descriptions.

When you first get onto Play.Nintendo you get a great selection of things to check out. Like right now I love that Play.Nintendo has a place for kids to start their Holiday Wish List!

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Play.Nintendo is fun for both boys and girls! My daughters love to play various games, but they also love finding things that re appealing to the girls. Animal Crossing is one of those games and Play.Nintendo has tons of activities all about Animal Crossing.

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When you click on the “Explore” button kids can choose all kinds of things to do.

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I like that Play.Nintendo is a safe site all about Nintendo and the fun characters for kids! There is so much to do that your kids will be very entertained! Plus new content is added all the time!

I also mentioned that Play.Nintendo has a Parent’s Site too!  Parents can learn all about the games and characters. Events to take the kids too, parent tips and so much more!

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Almost like a blog the tips for parents are extremely useful! One that I personally found important was learning about the dos and don’ts of “friending” people on games. This was great for me to read and then share with my kids. We have already set up a strict rule that my kids can only “friend” their real life friends and families-no strangers.

I also really like that the Parents Play.Nintendo has a complete Parent’s Guide. This allows parents to learn all about game consoles, games, characters and the important aspects of the parent controls.

As a parent I am so glad to see Nintendo committed to the safety of our kids while they enjoy playing games.



Nintendo wants you to come check out Play.Nintendo too! They want to know what you and your kids think!  We are giving away TWO amazing prizes too!


That’s right TWO Winners will each receive the Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set!


All about Play Nintendo *Win a WiiU Mario Bundle – Giveaway ends Nov. 26th* #PlayNintendo

Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

Please make sure to follow ALL Giveaway Rules. Please read sweepstake rules HERE.
This giveaway will end on Nov. 26th

*A product was provided.

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  1. I think it is AMAZING! I am huge Nintendo fan. I think my sons are really going to like the activities tab 🙂

  2. nice but not something i use im entering to win this for my 4 kids ages 16,14,6,and 3 for christmas as this would bring light to their face christmas morning since at this time we wont beable to get them much for christmas

  3. My kids would just love this. WE dont have anything like this. I like how they have games for all ages

  4. My son would absolutely flip seeing this prize. If I am chosen to win this awesome prize I will give it to my son for Christmas. He’s been asking for a Wii U for a long time and it really saddens me when I tell him no we can’t afford it right now. This would be change that and would bring a huge smile on his face. The memories that we would create playing Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, and other incredible Wii U games would be priceless. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. I love the parental controls and safety features! And we LOVE Mario Kart at our house (Yoshi is our fav)—would love to try it on the Wii U!

  6. As a grandparent I am so glad to see Nintendo committed to the safety of our kids while they enjoy playing games. Safety is a number one priority!

  7. I love it. It has tons of games and activities featuring my sons favorite characters. You can also get a ton of great tips!!

  8. The site is great, I love the tips and tricks for playing games with a certain character.

  9. I think my boys would love this! They love checking out youtube and other sites for info on games and toys they like, and it looks like it would keep them entertained for a long time.

  10. Very cool! Our family are huge Nintendo fans. We have a 3DS but would LOVE a Wii U! Thanks for the chance!!

  11. I love the activities section, like the mushroom matchup, looks like a ton of fun for the kids.

  12. I really like kids having a place to learn and grow with technology online in a fun, safe way.

  13. I love the bright, colorful graphics, and I love that it gives you the option to make a Christmas list. It’s hard for me to keep up w/the Nintendo items the kids want and that makes it way easier.

  14. I think you’s did a awesome job with the site.Nintendo buff since I was a young kid and still enjoy playing on it with my kids now a days lol.Thanks

  15. I think it is great and so easy to navigate! Its simple enough for my children to use it.

  16. I am a long time fan of Nintendo! I love the Play Nintendo site and think my son will really enjoy it, it look like a great kid friendly site. I like the tips and tricks and holiday wish list (shared with my SIL out of state for her kids).

  17. I think it is pretty cool. I am actually gonna tell my kids about it tomorrow since they are always looking for kid activities to do online and they are huge Nintendo fans, they still play my old NES

  18. I like it…and I think my daughters would like it too. I like that Parents can learn about the games on the Parent site.
    Thank you!

  19. I think it looks like a ton of fun! Very informative, I love that it also has wallpapers and a lot of fun things for my kids to do!

  20. I like it! I find it easier to view! I also like the parents part too. Always helpful I google once a week something about a game because I have no idea what my kid is asking.

  21. it looks great it really does. its a nice looking website. i also love the parental controls. i think they will come in very handy!

  22. The site looks great with alot of info. My nephews will like it. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  23. I love the site, lots of fun things to do and easy to navigate. I know my youngest son will be wanting to take advantage of the Holiday Wish List!

  24. I like the new layout, it is easy to navigate and I especially like the activities tab

  25. I love the Play Nintendo site. I have always been a huge Kirby fan since I was a kid and they have a lot on it!

  26. I like that it’s easy to navigate. I also like that it has content on it that is young person friendly.

    1. I love they are committed to keeping kids safe. I have never let mine play with other players they don’t know.

  27. Having 5 kids, they would all find something they like and I would be able to check them out ahead of time which means a lot

  28. I think our little guy would love to play on this and I am also a fan of the great game choices.

  29. I love that they have a party kit area where you can go and set up party time activities like tournament brackets and invitations. How fun to be able to invite friends over to play with cool Mario themed invitations and activities! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  30. I love the Nintendo Play site. The activities would be something my kids would really like. I love that there is a Parents section.

  31. I started my journey into videogames with Nintendo on the original NES, but I don’t have it anymore and would like my younger brother and younger sister to start theirs with the family friendly company that Nintendo is.

  32. Wow what a great site, you could spend hrs and hrs on that site, great site for Nintendo fans.

  33. I love Nintendo my family has had every type of Nintendo system and hopefully we will win this and add it to it. 🙂

  34. It looks great! I am sure my kids will love it and would be thrilled to have this in our household.

  35. I would LOVE to win this for my nephew. He is a special needs little boy and his mom is a single mom. I would love to be able to bless them with this amazing gaming system!

  36. I like that you can interact with other players, download wallpaper and things and find out about other games.

  37. My boys loves playing online and we all love playing together. The Mario Kart game is supposed to be one of the best!

  38. I really like e parents guide. I am not really video game savvy….so it would be helpful for me. My son would love this system!

  39. I absolutely love the Play Nintendo website! A lot of fun activities for the kids and I and a lot of great information on current games as well as new game that are coming out. Plus my kids love to look at all of the characters! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  40. my daughter is a gamer and I like that fact that they have a parents site as well, keeping parents in the know… plus the layout is very user friendly and there is a lot for the kids to do.

  41. This looks like a website my kids would love and I wouldn’t have to worry about, since it was designed with thoughts about safety in mind.

  42. I think it is a really cool! I like that I don’t have to worry about the content my son is exposed to when visiting .

  43. I don’t know, I mean, I guess it is ok but honestly after checking out the site I think it might have more uses on the parent side.

  44. I think it is great that they are expanding their line to include smaller children. The kids can learn so much from playing these games.

  45. I am so excited for this! I love the nintendo site and the games! My sons 5 and 7 would love this and we all love Mario Bros.

  46. I was looking at the Play Nintendo site and my 4 year old grandson scooted me out of the chair and started looking at it himself. We don’t have a Nintendo and it seems like everything I saw was for kids and the games were rated E. So much better than the Xbox. The grandkids keep wanting to play the games they see their dad playing and which I’m continually saying no. I liked the parent guide and thought the homework blog gave some helpful hints.

  47. I can finally get my son a Wiiu, so he can experience the same fun I use to have when I use to play Nintendo games when I was younger.

  48. I love the tips and tricks section. I’ll bookmark this site for my kids. They are gonna love exploring all the modules and finding out more about their favorite characters.

  49. My kids love the bright colors and easy navigation. I think it’s eye pleasing for any age to enjoy exploring all the fun content.

  50. My daughter was ecstatic to see Mario online. She can’t get enough of that game. It’s fun to see the fun continue for her on the website. Great site suggestion.

  51. The quizzes are fun. My kids love this interactive website. I had to give up my mouse pretty quickly. And make sure they took turns exploring the site together. Fun for adults and kids. Thanks!

  52. I’ve been a Mario fan for ages. The site was a fun experience to click and discover the game all over again with my kids. Great idea to relive the fun with more activities!

  53. The creative visuals are great to keep the kids’ attention span going. I liked it just as much. Crazy how far Mario has come since I was a kid. Didn’t expect to be sharing the same interests with my kids : )

  54. I think it is a great site with lots of potential, but my boys aren’t sold on it yet. I think there are so many great new Nintendo games that just came out so they are preoccupied with them. I’m sure they’ll get more into the site when the newness wears off.

  55. I would love to win this for my nieces and nephews. I had the opportunity to grow up with older nintendo consoles (i.e. snes, n64 and gamecube) and would love for them to have the same opportunity with the newer gen of nintendo

  56. I like the website there are some fun things there and I really appreciate how Nintendo strives to make things safe for kids.

  57. I love that there is a huge amount of content and they keep adding more. My family couldn’t get bored.

  58. Nobody would ever be bored of the new Play Nintendo website. It comes packed with a bunch of content of Nintendo for everyone!

  59. I think the new site is a good tool for parents to explore what their kids are playing on Nintendo.

  60. I think it’s great and easy to use, and good for people just getting introduced to Nintendo, or for those that have been a Nintendo fan for a long time.

  61. Thanks so much for the chance to win this! I’m trying to get one for my son this season and I just cannot afford it. I hope I win. If not thanks anyways. Take care!!

  62. I love the site. I really hope I can win this system for my grandkids, they would love to find this under the Christmas tree.

  63. I think that the site is great. I love that it has so many great activities for kids and a parents section as well.


  64. I love the over all appearance especially color wise. I also really liked how easy it is to navigate.

  65. I think this looks like a lot of fun and I would love to win this for our 4 kids. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  66. I like the site a lot. It is easy to navigate and visually appealing. I think I could accidentally spend too much time on there ha ha…

  67. I love this site and love all the activities and that there is a place for parents. My kids would love this.

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