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All Aboard! Cruising Family Style

Enjoying the sunset in the middle of the sea with your family doesn’t have to be a scene from a movie, but it can easily turn into reality once you decide on taking your whole family on a cruise of a lifetime. Finding a cruise that’s suitable for children can be a challenge though, but luckily, you are about to find out about the best family-friendly cruises, where it’s best to travel and what there is to do. Buckle up and get prepared for a truly exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Choose a kid-friendly destination

Before you choose the perfect cruise line, think about how you can find the perfect sailing route to follow. If you live in Europe, it would be most obvious to take a cruise through the Mediterranean, which is quite convenient because of the many ports on the way. If you plan on flying to your cruise destination, then it wouldn’t make much sense to spend more time flying than on the cruise ship.

A fairly interesting and exotic idea would be to cruise around the Far East and experience a culture shock once you discover that nothing is as you had imagined. Even if you have to fly for more than a day to get to the nearest Far Eastern port, we can guarantee it’ll be worth the ride. Some other memorable mentions should also be Alaska, Norway and Iceland since they are all known for the mesmerizing beauties of iced waters, fjords and mountains.

Create everlasting memories

Although you would like to keep your kids busy and animated during the cruise so that they don’t get bored, it’s also important to remember why you brought them along in the first place. Spending time as a family should be of the utmost importance, and having fun together is what you will remember for the longest. Just make sure you make some records of your trip so that you can reminisce upon these wonderful memories once the kids are all grown up.

Make sure you are well connected

When it comes to travelling as a family, there’s no way that all of you will want to experience your cruise the same way. Kids will want to play around for the whole day, and parents are probably going to prefer a bit of rest and relaxation. In case you get separated, it’s good to have a plan regarding how you can stay in touch. Some companies offer special SIM cards with discounts and features that provide stress-free communication tailored to specific networks. So, if you’re from Australia and wish to cruise around New Zealand, you can buy a prepaid New Zealand SIM card and avoid all roaming rates. Make sure that you have a way to communicate with your children throughout the whole trip, because you certainly won’t be able to keep an eye on them all the time.

Make your dreams come true 

Your dreams can come true this summer, especially if you live in Australia since there are many cruises  setting off from Singapore to several exciting destinations this year. The newest destination for the Genting Dream cruise ship in Southeast Asia. For those of you who always dreamed of exploring the wonders of Bali, jaunting to Kuala Lumpur or exploring the Gulf of Thailand – know that there are cruises just waiting for you to join. 

This type of trip is especially recommended for fans of luxury and great service. Spacious staterooms with private balconies are just some of the features of these extraordinary cruises. You can even enjoy a part-private party equipped with a 24-hour concierge service and all-inclusive guest privileges. It’s needless to say that the kids will enjoy every minute of this lavish cruise, as well.

Fun for the whole family

Both the parents and the children deserve to have fun while cruising, and since this is a vacation aimed mainly at adults, you should make sure that the kids can be entertained on their own, too. You should be on the lookout for cruises that are recommended for the broad range of activities they offer, as well as for their moderate prices. 

So, what can kids do on such a cruise? There are many programs that the cabin crew organizes for different age groups. For example, you can find indoor playing areas for the youngest passengers, video walls where they can watch their favorite cartoons, jungle gyms and even mini basketball fields. Special activities are organized for the 12-14 age group, and it includes dance floors, TVs and gaming consoles. Teenage passengers can even enjoy a mocktail party or a karaoke night in the fabulous night clubs. As for the adult passengers, some services offer after-hours babysitting so that parents can enjoy some alone time, too.

Even if the whole family has a lot of fun options to choose from, just be sure you spend as much time with your kids as possible. Every memory you make together is going to count.


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