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Advice for Going on a Ski Vacation in Canada

Considered one of the finest destinations in the world for skiing, Canada has a reputation for having some of the best skiing in the world. From the world-renowned Whistler to the small resort of Kimberley, there are many places to choose from when picking somewhere to grace the snow with your skis or snowboard.

Planning such a trip is certainly exciting. However, you also have to take into account various points before you set off on your journey. In fact, there are arguably more things to consider with a ski holiday than any other type of vacation. If you need advice for this, check out the following aspects to contemplate before going on a ski vacation in Canada.

Choose a destination and accommodation

First things first, you need to settle on a specific resort. When doing this, you need to look into the quality and diversity of the course, other activities available and accommodation options.

When doing this, it is easy to focus on well-known locations in Canada. However, look into the possibility of staying in a less prominent place. Take Mont-Tremblant for example. This is a beautiful area with great skiing conditions, plentiful shopping and dining options, and award-winning hotels like Chateau Beauvallon.

Take your own gear

If you’re flying and trying to avoid extortionate baggage costs, you might ponder the idea of not taking your own skiing gear. Well, don’t do that.

Along with not saving much money (if any at all) due to the need to hire any gear you haven’t brought, it will also hamper your general comfort levels. Think about it: if you’re wearing your own gear, you will feel more content and ski to your best ability.

On the topic of saving money, also try and purchase your ski lift passes online in advance if possible. You will usually be able to save a significant amount doing this as opposed to buying direct in-person – plus don’t underestimate the amount of cash that will be spent on such passes!

Go easy on the alcohol

When you are on vacation, the temptation to have a drink is strong – and that’s certainly the case when in such a welcoming, fun place like Canada. However, try and stay away from any alcoholic beverages when possible.

Firstly, partying the night away with drink will affect your performance when skiing. Secondly, alcohol can leave you dehydrated. That point is especially troublesome if you’re residing at a high altitude, as it can support altitude sickness – something that can ruin your entire trip.

Be wary if a first-timer

Going to Canada for a ski vacation might be a long-time dream, yet you have to be wary of going on such a trip. For instance, if you have never skied before, the country’s thick snow and steep runs – at least, in certain resorts – might be too much for you to handle. So if you’ve never skied before, or need a bit of practice, it is advised that you tackle a less demanding mountain – whether that’s in Canada or elsewhere.






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