100+ Adjectives That Start with B to Level Up Your Vocabulary

Looking to expand your vocabulary with descriptive, positive, and impactful words? In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of over 100 adjectives that start with B along with definitions and example sentences. Learning these adjectives can help you communicate more precisely and eloquently both in writing and speaking.

Popular Adjectives that Commencing with B

When you want to use common, widely recognized adjectives in your writing and speaking, many great options are starting with the letter B. Here are 20 popular b adjectives along with their meanings:

  • Busy: This adjective means a lot is happening in a given space. It can also describe someone who has a lot of things to do.
  • Beautiful: This means aesthetically pleasing to the senses.
  • Big: This describes something with great size.
  • Better: To be of higher quality or more desirable than something else.
  • Bad: Unfavorable or spoiled.
  • Brave: Courageous, willing to face danger or scorn.
  • Bright: Emitting a lot of light, shining intensely.
  • Boring: Not interesting, monotonous, dull.
  • Brief: Short in duration or length.
  • Brilliant: Extremely intelligent or ingenious.

Descriptive Adjectives Commencing with B

Descriptive adjectives starting with b help paint a vivid picture. Here are 10 b adjectives for added detail:

  • Bumpy: You use this descriptive adjective for an object with an uneven surface.
  • Billowy: Resembling something being filled with air and rounded out.
  • Burly: Sturdy, heavily built, and muscular.
  • Bulbous: Round, swollen shape.
  • Bitter: Intense unpleasant feelings or harsh cynicism.
  • Blazing: Very hot, burning with flames.
  • Blustery: Stormy, windy weather conditions.
  • Brittle: Easily broken into pieces, fragile.
  • Barren: Lacking vegetation, empty, bleak.
  • Buoyant: Able to float easily, lively, cheerful.

Positive Adjectives that Commencing with B

Here are 20 uplifting b adjectives:

  • Brave: Courageous, willing to face danger or scorn.
  • Brilliant: Extremely intelligent or ingenious.
  • Blissful: Feeling complete happiness and contentment.
  • Bountiful: Available in generous amounts, plentiful.
  • Benevolent: Well meaning, kind, and charitable.
  • Bubbly: Animated, enthusiastic, cheerful.
  • Buoyant: Able to float easily, lively, cheerful.
  • Bold: Adventurous, daring, fearless.
  • Blessed: Bringing pleasure, comfort, and good fortune.
  • Beloved: Dearly loved and cherished.

Negative Adjectives that Commencing with B

Here are 20 b adjectives with a negative sentiment:

  • Bad: Unfavorable or spoiled.
  • Bitter: Intense unpleasant feelings or harsh cynicism.
  • Bothersome: Causing annoyance, irritation, or anxiety.
  • Brash: Reckless, impetuous, rash decisions or manners.
  • Bratty: Ill-mannered, spoiled, petulant.
  • Biased: Unfair prejudice in favor or against something.
  • Bland: Lacking strong features or characteristics, boring.
  • Boastful: Prone to bragging about one’s achievements.
  • Braggart: A person who constantly brags or boasts.
  • Brutish: Offensive, cruel, savage.

Full List of 100+ Adjectives Starting with B

Adjectives Synonyms
Babyish Childish, Infantile
Backbreaking Arduous, Grueling
Backward Regressive, Retrogressive
Bad Poor, Unsatisfactory
Baffling Puzzling, Perplexing
Banal Dull, Unoriginal
Bashful Shy, Timid
Bawdy Vulgar, Indecent
Beaming Smiling, Grin
Beastly Monstrous, Inhumane
Beautiful Pretty, Attractive
Befuddled Confused, Muddled
Begging Pleading, Imploring
Belated Late, Overdue
Belittling Disparaging, Derogatory
Belligerent Aggressive, Hostile
Beneficial Helpful, Useful
Bent Crooked, Twisted
Berserk Crazed, Frenzied
Best Finest, Optimal
Bettering Improving, Enhancing
Bewildered Confused, Perplexed
Billowy Wavy, Undulating
Bitter Resentful, Angry
Bizarre Strange, Weird
Black Dark, Ebony
Blaring Loud, Noisy
Blasphemous Irreverent, Profane
Bleak Grim, Dreary
Blinding Dazzling, Glaring
Blissful Content, Joyful
Bloody Gory, Gruesome
Blue Azure, Sapphire
Blunt Frank, Forthright
Blurry Hazy, Fuzzy
Boastful Bragging, Show-off
Boiling Scalding, Seething
Boring Dull, Tedious
Botched Bungled, Mishandled
Bouncy Springy, Energetic
Boundless Limitless, Infinite
Brainless Mindless, Thoughtless
Brainy Intellectual, Bright
Brave Courageous, Valiant
Brawny Burly, Muscular
Breakable Fragile, Delicate
Breezy Windy, Gusty
Brief Short, Concise
Bright Vibrant, Brilliant
Brilliant Exceptional, Gifted
Broad Expansive, Extensive
Broken Damaged, Fractured
Brown Beige, Chestnut
Bruised Hurt, Injured
Brutal Cruel, Barbaric
Bulky Cumbersome, Unwieldy
Bump Lump, Bulge
Bumpy Uneven, Rough
Burdensome Taxing, Onerous
Burly Brawny, Muscular
Burning Flaming, Blazing
Busy Engaged, Occupied
Bushy Shaggy, Thick
Bustling Lively, Energetic
Busybody Meddler, Snooper
Buttery Creamy, Smooth
Buoyant Cheerful, Joyful
Balmy Mild, Pleasant
Baneful Poisonous, Toxic
Barbaric Savage, Primitive
Barren Desolate, Empty
Bashful Shy, Timid
Basic Elementary, Fundamental
Bawling Shouting, Yelling
Beam Grin, Smile
Bearish Gruff, Sullen
Beatific Blissful, Angelic
Beckoning Inviting, Alluring
Bellicose Aggressive, Belligerent
Bemoaning Lamenting, Grieving
Benumbed Numbed, Frozen
Berate Criticize, Admonish
Bereft Forlorn, Deprived
Beseeching Pleading, Begging
Besotted Infatuated, Obsessed
Bestial Brutish, Feral
Bigoted Prejudiced, Biased
Bizarre Eccentric, Quirky
Blithe Joyful, Carefree
Blunt Direct, Frank
Blustering Stormy, Windy
Blushing Flushing, Turning Red
Boisterous Rambunctious, Rowdy
Bombastic Pompous, Grandiose
Bona fide Genuine, Authentic
Boorish Rude, Uncouth
Brainless Mindless, Thoughtless
Brawny Muscular, Burly
Breezy Gusty, Windy
Bounteous Abundant, Plentiful

Final Thoughts

Learning adjectives that start with b can expand your vocabulary and allow you to communicate with more descriptive language. Use these 100+ b adjectives in your writing and speaking to precisely express tone and meaning.

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