100+ Adjectives that Start with ‘A’ for Descriptive Writing

Adjectives are descriptive words that bring writing to life. When starting a sentence or describing a noun, adjectives starting with the letter ‘A’ can help make your writing more vivid.

In this blog post, we will explore common, positive, and negative adjectives that start with A to improve your vocabulary.

What are Adjectives?

Adjectives modify or describe nouns and pronouns. They provide more details and imagery to writing by answering questions like what kind, which one, how many, and how much. Adjectives make writing more specific, interesting, and captivating.

Popular Adjectives Starting with ‘A’

Here are common adjectives starting with ‘A’ in the English language:

  • Abandoned: Left completely empty or deserted.
  • Adorable: Extremely cute, sweet, and lovable.
  • Ancient: Very old or belonging to times long past.
  • Affordable: Reasonably priced or not too expensive.
  • Available: Ready for use, free for taking, obtainable.
  • Ambitious: Having a strong desire to achieve success.
  • Aggressive: Behaving in a forceful way toward others.
  • Attractive: Appealing, pretty, or good-looking.
  • Arrogant: Having too much pride in oneself.
  • Awkward: Clumsy, uncomfortable, or socially inappropriate.

Descriptive Adjectives Starting with ‘A’

When you want to paint a vivid picture with words, use these descriptive ‘A’ adjectives:

  • Artistic: Having or revealing natural creative skill.
  • Astonishing: Very surprising or impressive.
  • Authentic: Genuine, real, and accurate.
  • Adventurous: Exciting, risky, and daring.
  • Alluring: Powerfully and mysteriously attractive.
  • Abundant: Existing in large quantities.
  • Antique: Made in an earlier period and valuable.
  • Accomplished: Highly trained, skilled, and successful.
  • Ambiguous: Open to more than one interpretation.
  • Astounding: Extremely surprising or impressive.

Positive Adjectives Starting with ‘A’

Use these positive ‘A’ adjectives to describe favorable traits:

  • Accepting: Open and welcoming of others.
  • Appreciative: Grateful and thankful.
  • Admirable: Deserving respect and praise.
  • Affectionate: Loving, caring, and fond.
  • Affable: Friendly, good-natured, and easy to talk to.
  • Amicable: Polite, pleasant, and agreeable.
  • Altruistic: Unselfishly caring and concerned for others.
  • Animated: Lively, enthusiastic, and energetic.
  • Awe-inspiring: Filling one with wonder, admiration, and respect.

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Negative Adjectives Starting with ‘A’

Here are some ‘A’ adjectives with unfavorable meanings:

  • Agonizing: Extremely painful, distressing, and causing anguish.
  • Arrogant: Having too high of an opinion of oneself.
  • Apathetic: Lacking interest, concern, and emotion.
  • Aggressive: Behaving in a hostile or violent way.
  • Annoying: Irritating, bothersome, and frustrating.
  • Angry: Feeling, showing, or expressing annoyance.
  • Abusive: Treating others with cruelty and violence.
  • Addictive: Causing or tending to cause addiction.
  • Antisocial: Unwilling to interact socially with others.

Full List of 100+ Adjectives Starting with ‘A’

Adjective Synonyms
Abandoned Deserted, Forgotten
Able Capable, Competent
Abnormal Irregular, Atypical
Absent Missing, Vanished
Absolute Complete, Perfect
Absorbing Engaging, Gripping
Abundant Plentiful, Copious
Acceptable Adequate, Satisfactory
Accessible Approachable, Available
Accidental Unintentional, Unexpected
Accurate Precise, Correct
Acidic Sour, Tart
Acoustic Sonic, Resonant
Active Energetic, Lively
Actual Real, Genuine
Acute Severe, Intense
Adaptable Flexible, Versatile
Addictive Habit-forming, Compulsive
Adorable Charming, Endearing
Adventurous Daring, Bold
Afraid Fearful, Scared
Aggressive Hostile, Combative
Agonizing Excruciating, Torturous
Agreeable Pleasant, Congenial
Ajar Partially open, Unclosed
Alarmed Startled, Shocked
Alarming Disturbing, Worrying
Alert Attentive, Watchful
Alien Foreign, Unfamiliar
Alive Animated, Vital
Alluring Attractive, Tempting
Aloof Distant, Detached
Amazing Astonishing, Astounding
Ambiguous Unclear, Vague
Ambitious Aspiring, Determined
Amusing Entertaining, Humorous
Ancient Old, Aged
Angry Furious, Enraged
Animated Lively, Vibrant
Annoying Irritating, Bothersome
Antique Vintage, Classical
Anxious Restless, Uneasy
Apathetic Indifferent, Uncaring
Aquatic Water, Oceanic
Arbitrary Random, Capricious
Ardent Passionate, Fervent
Artistic Creative, Imaginative
Ashamed Guilty, Embarrassed
Aspiring Striving, Ambitious
Assured Confident, Positive
Astounding Stunning, Astonishing
Athletic Fit, Agile
Attached Connected, United
Attentive Observant, Mindful
Attractive Appealing, Handsome
Authentic Genuine, Real
Automatic Self-acting, Mechanical
Available Accessible, Obtainable
Average Typical, Normal
Awake Alert, Conscious
Aware Informed, Mindful
Awe-inspiring Impressive, Majestic
Awful Terrible, Abominable
Awkward Clumsy, Ungraceful
Abrasive Rough, Coarse
Absent-minded Forgetful, Scattered
Absurd Foolish, Irrational
Abundant Plenteous, Lavish
Accepting Receptive, Tolerant
Acclaimed Celebrated, Renowned
Accommodating Obliging, Helpful
Accomplished Skilled, Talented
Accurate Precise, Exact
Achievable Attainable, Feasible
Acknowledged Recognized, Appreciated
Acting Performing, Playing
Active Busy, Lively
Actual Real, True
Acute Sharp, Keen
Adaptable Flexible, Pliable
Adequate Sufficient, Acceptable
Admirable Praiseworthy, Commendable
Adorable Charming, Cute
Advanced Complex, Sophisticated
Adventurous Daring, Bold
Affected Pretentious, Artificial
Affectionate Loving, Caring
Affluent Wealthy, Prosperous
Agile Nimble, Quick
Agitated Upset, Distressed
Agreeable Pleasing, Likeable
Alert Vigilant, Watchful
Alive Living, Vital
Alluring Tempting, Enticing
Aloof Reserved, Distant
Amazing Astonishing, Astounding
Ambitious Determined, Driven
Amiable Friendly, Sociable
Amplified Magnified, Intensified
Amused Entertained, Diverted

Final Thoughts

In summary, adjectives that start with A allow you to precisely describe people, places, emotions, situations, and more. By using these descriptive, positive, and negative ‘A’ adjectives in your writing, you can capture your readers’ attention and transport them into the scene you’re describing. Refer to this list of over 100 adjectives beginning with ‘A’ to enhance your vocabulary and take your writing to the next level.

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