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If you have a product, specifically geared toward an outgoing and fun mom, or children, that you would like to have featured, please email me

If you are a PR rep for products that you think our readers should know about, someone who makes products that are great, we would love to hear from you!

We are more than happy to post product reviews and/or reader giveaways. Our readers have come to appreciate our recommendations. They also love when they see giveaways found here.

Send us an email describing the product you would like to submit for a giveaway or review, include a link to your website, and please specify to which age group the item best appeals. We will contact you within 72 hours with an address to send samples.

While we currently do not charge for product reviews we do require a sample for all reviews. The sample will not be returned, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved. Each sample submitted must retal for at least $25.00.

Though we are open to most anything, we especially love companies, products, and services that appeal to family life and are non-toxic, safe, and fun.

I have three little girls, ages are 10,7 and one.

Another great way to get your product seen is hosting a giveaway. Giveaways or contests are a great way to increase your traffic to your site. Giveaways that are held on MommyMandy normally run for two weeks unless otherwise noted by the sponsor. Each giveaway does require that participants visit the sponsors site and is asked to answer a questions. Most giveaway question that is asked is “Please visit the sponsors site [linked] and in a comment tell us another product you love/would like/or is your favorite.

Most giveaways are held at the end of a product review unless otherwise discussed.

When will you let me know if my item will be reviewed?
Once we receive your email, we will do our best to respond to you within 72 hours and provide you with an address where you can send samples.

How long will it be, once you receive the product, before it is highlighted?
We make every effort to review products in a timely manner. Sometimes, however, real life (including our most important job of parenting) gets in the way.

*Currently, due to extremely high demand, we are looking to at least two weeks after receipt of your sample before the review will be posted here on MommyMandy. Reviews may be posted sooner if a date becomes available.

Will you tell me when the review is posted?
We will inform you when the review of your item(s) is scheduled to be posted and will send you the permalink.

Can we require a positive review?
While we promise honest feedback, your submission is not guaranteed a super-positive review. If we feel that your product does not meet quality standards, we will contact you before posting any comments.

How long will our product be highlighted?
You’ll have the top spot until the next review is posted, and we do not generally post more than one review per day. However…once your review moves from the top spot, it will be scrollable on the homepage for a period of time. All reviews are also permanently accessible in the archives and are search able by category.

What makes you different?
What makes us different from other review sites is that we USE your products. In many cases you will see my personal photos of my family using your items and I also try to do vlogs (video blogs) as well.

Will my item be returned?
Unfortunately, no your samples will not be returned. I fully use each product to test out which makes returning it impossible. On occasion, I will work with you on loaner items. It will be your responsibility to pay for shipping the loaners back.

Advertising is available here on MommyMandy. Advertising is available for a 30 day duration.

For full media kit please send us an email to

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* Unfortunately we are unable to reply to every request… If we would like to review your product, we will contact you as soon as we can, with an address to send samples and/or reader prizes.

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