A Word for Kids: The World of “A” Words for Kindergarten Students

Welcome to the exciting world of words, starting with the letter “A”! As we embark on this linguistic adventure, we’ll dive into a plethora of easy and engaging words that will not only enhance your child’s vocabulary but also make learning a delightful experience.

These words are carefully curated for preschool and kindergarten kids, ensuring an enjoyable and educational journey. Let’s explore some fun and simple words that begin with the letter “A.

The Bunch of 50+A” Words for Kids

  • Arrow: I aimed the arrow at the target.
  • Awake: I like to be awake early in the morning.
  • Abide: I will abide by the rules of the game.
  • Ask: Can you ask the teacher a question?
  • All: All the students participated in the school play.
  • Again: We played the game again because it was so much fun.
  • Astronaut: An astronaut explores outer space.
  • April: My birthday is in April.
  • Am: I am going to the park.
  • And: My friend and I are going to the store.
  • Atom: An atom is a tiny particle.
  • Alley: We walked down the narrow alley.
  • Acorn: Squirrels love to eat acorns.
  • Airplane: I flew in an airplane for the first time.
  • Actor: The actor performed brilliantly on stage.
  • Azure: The sky was a beautiful shade of azure.
  • Ape: We saw an ape at the zoo.
  • Aged: The cheese is aged to perfection.
  • Adore: I adore my little puppy.
  • Amber: The amber sunset painted the sky.
  • Aside: Please set the toys aside after playing.
  • Ape: I saw an ape in the zoo.
  • Alpha: The wolf is the alpha in the pack.
  • Aria: The singer delivered a beautiful aria.
  • Awe: The fireworks filled us with awe.
  • Ash: The campfire left behind a pile of ash.
  • About: Let’s talk about your favorite book.
  • August: My birthday is in August.
  • Aunt: My aunt visited us last weekend.
  • Ant: I saw an ant crawling on the ground.
  • Animal: The zoo is full of interesting animals.
  • Apron: Mom wears an apron when she cooks.
  • Add: Can you add these numbers?
  • Away: I am going away for the weekend.
  • Ate: I ate a delicious meal for dinner.
  • Azure: The ocean has a stunning azure color.
  • Arena: The gladiators fought in the arena.
  • Agree: We all agree on the best movie.
  • Abacus: The abacus helps with math calculations.
  • Airplane: I traveled to a new place by airplane.
  • Angel: I drew a picture of an angel.
  • Alive: The flowers make the garden come alive.
  • Aside: Put your toys aside before dinner.
  • Asked: I asked my friend to join us.
  • Around: We walked around the park.
  • Aim: I aim to do well in school.
  • Are: We are going to the beach.
  • Ask: Can you ask your mom for permission?
  • At: I will meet you at the park.
  • An: An elephant is a large animal


It’s fascinating to discover that words beginning with ‘A’ make up about 7% of the entire English Dictionary. By immersing yourself in these easy and entertaining words, you not only expand your vocabulary but also leave a lasting impression on your language skills.

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