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A Romantic Anniversary For Your Health-Conscious Husband

Your wedding anniversary is one of the most exciting and magical days of the year. However, this year’s is slightly different. Your husband has worked wonders to increase hit health and fitness since January, and you want to maintain your support even on this magical day.


This will naturally throw a spanner into the works during your preparations. But it’s still possible to have a romantic anniversary without sending him back to his old ways. Follow these five simple tricks, and you won’t go far wrong.


  • Becoming more active has been a major influence in your husband’s personal journey. So why not arrange to do something simple, romantic, and healthy on your anniversary? Something simple like a bike ride or walk through the local woods is a great way to get some fresh air while spending some valuable time together as a couple. Seriously, that has to be better than sitting in the cinema in silence.
  • Alternatively, you could use your anniversary as the perfect time to start a new hobby together. OK, so your husband may enjoy playing sports with friends and working out the gym alone. However, signing up for a weekly salsa class can be the perfect way to bring you closer together. Meanwhile, you’ll both be getting a little more exercise in a fun and exciting manner that removes the feeling of fitness being a chore. The fact that you begin the challenge on such a special day only adds an extra spice to the activities.
  • A romantic meal is one of the key ingredients for a happy anniversary. However, heading out to your old favorite restaurant probably isn’t on the cards. One option is to book a table somewhere with healthier options. In truth, though, it may be better to prepare a meal at home. This lemon chicken recipe should do the trick. As for alcohol consumption, a glass of wine can actually carry benefits for the heart. Just remember not to go overboard by sinking a bottle each.
  • Even if your husband isn’t materialistic, you will be buying him a present. These gifts for the man who has everything aren’t simply unique. Perhaps more importantly, they actively celebrate that new passion for being more active. Furthermore, it gives your lover something to look forward to in the future. Combine this with something simple like new running shorts, and he’ll be more than happy with that bundle.
  • Tell your husband just how proud you are with his progress. Your anniversary isn’t simply a celebration. It’s a time for reflection and future planning. Men aren’t usually great lovers of overly romantic gestures. However, a poem or heartfelt letter showing that you have noticed the change will make a big impact. After all, you are one of the main reasons he is putting in that extra effort anyway. If nothing else, it will make him feel as though he is becoming a more desirable, and ultimately better, husband.


Suddenly finding a romantic and healthy solution doesn’t seem so hard, does it?


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