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A Perfect Night: Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

Outdoor activities mustn’t end when the sun goes down, as a matter of fact, the  night time can be the best time to just chill outside of your home. With the warm weather around, everyone may just need the fresh outdoor breeze, but no one wants to hang out in the dark. For a perfect night, you need well designed lighting, not only to allow everyone to see their way through the night, but also to add beauty to your home. Properly done outdoor lighting can turn your outdoors into everyone’s favorite, extend play time for your kids outside, time spent in the pool and in the garden.

Outdoor lighting is as important as indoor lighting, as a matter of fact, the first impressions about your home is from the outdoor lighting. It is the icing on the cake after you might have done the landscape scheme of plants, fixed outdoor structures, put the plants in place and done all that needs to be done. One of the benefits of installing outdoor lighting, according to the folks at AllenOutdoorSTL.com, is to create the presence and provide security for your property. Aside from this, the it can also highlight the beautiful type of fixtures and fittings used in your yard and patios, making every night a perfect night. I am sure there is always a professional ready to turn your dreams into reality as far as outdoor lighting design ideas are concerned. But, interestingly, you do not need to hire someone to do it for you if you already have an idea. If you are a DIYer and want to do it by yourself, well, Here are some ideas you can follow:

Know the Local Codes for Lighting in Your Area

Every city has local lighting codes or guidelines for lighting types and levels. You will need to contact your city’s regional building department to know these codes or better still, check them up online. The whole idea is to know what is allowed and what is disallowed as you don’t want to spend money buying fittings that will eventually be disapproved of.

Check out Outdoor Lighting Ideas Online and Offline

The truth is, someone has probably thought up what you are thinking when it comes to lighting. So instead of having to rack your head up trying to figure out how to bring into reality your thoughts, take some excursion offline and online to see lighting ideas. There are many ideas all around you. You just need to look. What you need are ideas and those ideas will come after you might have looked at a couple of outdoor lighting design ideas all around you. You will need to keep the uniqueness of your home at the back of your mind. Not all houses can have the same outdoor lighting types. There are some lightings that are fit for bigger houses that are not so cool for smaller ones. So when you are looking, look for ideas related to the type of house you have.

Count the Cost

After, you must have armed yourself with beautiful ideas, don’t just rush out to the lighting store; you may be disappointed by the prices. Different types of outdoor lighting have different prices. This is why you should know what your budget is for lighting before stepping out. You need to know how much lighting your home really needs, what lights are perfect for the space available. To know how much light a space needs, try out this calculation

–          Square footage of the area to be lighted x 1.5

This will give you a rough estimate of how much watts will be required. For instance, 100 square feet of space will ideally need about 150 watts of lighting.

With this knowledge, you will have a fair idea of what it will cost you to get your outdoor lighting done to taste.

Think of Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting

When you are buying lights, plan to mix the three basic types of lighting: the ambient, the task and the accent lightings. The ambient lighting refers to hanging lights, wall lights and post lights. The task lighting refers to fittings for pathway lights, deck and security lights while the accent lighting refers to fittings for landscapes and spotlights. If you have a small yard or patio, you can consider string lights for ambience, string lights for task and solar spotlights for accent lighting for a modest budget.

Use Light Emitting Diodes

Well, I believe by now you know it’s all about how much you can save energy, except you are providing your own power. If you are not and you don’t intend to go bankrupt because of power bills, then plan to use LEDs. LEDs are perfect where energy savings is concerned, they use far less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs and halogens. Also, LEDs are almost maintenance free, with most of them lasting many years, saving you funds on energy and on replacements.

Take a View From Inside Your Home

Viewing from inside your home can help you come to a faster conclusion as to what type of lighting and where to place them. Take a look at how your garden, the patio, the pathways and the pool looks from inside your home. Imagine how you would want them lighted and how much lighting will be perfect.

Think Safety and Security

Apart from wanting that perfect night with the beautiful outdoor lighting design, you also should think safety and security. Your outdoor lighting should ultimately provide security for your home. Every entry point should be well lit. The garage should have a wall lantern in place on every side of the garage door or you can install a single fixture above. Think of illuminating every side of the house where shadows may be cast with spotlights. Make sure everywhere is well lit to keep away intruders.

So what do you think? If you can take all of the above points into consideration, it shouldn’t be hard to find the right ideas to light up your outdoor at a budget that will not break your bank. Just keep it simple and to specification; then let the finished work speak for itself when you would have been done.


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