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A Better Pharmacy Experience with Target Pharmacy *Giveaway closed*

*Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

Did you know that J.D. Power ranked Target Pharmacy, “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies?” At Target Pharmacy, they make feeling better, better.

When we lived in Texas I got all our prescriptions filled at Target. It made it so easy to have the all our prescriptions filled there because really, it’s really fast and you can kill time waiting by shopping. It was incredibly easy to Flip the Script from a different pharmacy to Target.  (Plus if you transfer your prescriptions during Aprildouble credit days and enjoy 5% off a day of shopping faster.) You can Flip the Script really easy too, online, in stores or on your mobile devices too.

Think of it this way:



A few other great reasons is the Pharmacy Rewards which is different from other pharmacy programs, Target Pharmacy Rewards is simple and easy to use. There are no points to count or track and after only 5 prescription fills (yes, vaccinations count too!)  guests receive 5% off a whole day of shopping (in-store and online) on top of our already low prices.

Target Pharmacy has Pharmacy Rewards like you’ve never seen. In fact, April is the perfect time to fill your scripts at your favorite store because it’s Double Credit Days! During Double Credit Days, getting rich rewards on stuff you love is quick and easy. Here’s how:

  • Fill once. Earn twice. During Double Credit Days (entire month of April), you can earn rewards twice as fast and get 5% off the entire store—for a whole day!
  • Nitty gritty details: guests earn 5% off certificate after filling 5 scripts
  • Fill your 5% shopping day faster by getting vaccinations and pet meds (yes, they count too!). In fact, you can add family members to one account to get to five, faster.

For moms like me you will be glad to hear that there are $4 Generics. Yep brand-name equivalent prescriptions are available for less.

ONE winner will receive a $50 Target eGift Card!


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*Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

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  1. I haven’t used Target Pharmacy yet. I should since I’m there at least once a week as it is.

  2. I have not been to Target pharmacy, but people I know who have recommend it.

  3. I have never used the Target pharmacy before because CVS is the closest for me.

  4. I’ve never used Target Pharmacy to fill a prescription, but I have asked the pharmacist questions before choosing over the counter medicines.

  5. Yes I used Target pharmacy years ago. But I have to get my medicines through the mail now.

  6. I have used their pharmacy and prefer them over others. Much friendlier and good prices

  7. Yes, I like the convenience of Target’s Pharmacy because it is so close to my house.

  8. I have been using Target Pharmacy for the last year & I love their pharmacy rewards program!

  9. We have never personally used Target Pharmacy, I have heard lots of stuff about it but never used them.

  10. I haven’t used Target Pharmacy before, but I also don’t have any prescriptions

  11. I have not used the Target pharmacy for prescriptions (I don’t have any right now)but I use the OTC aisles regularly.

  12. I haven’t ever tried filling a script at Target before, but I would consider it.

  13. target is opening a big new Super Center by where I live and I will be able to use their pharmacy. I like that they give a 5% discount on their products after refilling 5 prescriptions.

  14. I have not used it before, but love the reward program and $4 generics! Will have to try it!

  15. sorry to say I have not used this pharmacy yet, haven’t had to fill any prescriptions lately, but thats a good thing.

  16. Best experience at Target! They know my name and are always helpful. The Rewards Program is great. Extra 5 percent goes a long way. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  17. I haven’t used the Target pharmacy before. I don’t get sick very often and haven’t used any pharmacy in a while. But I do like that Target has a pharmacy because it’s really convenient and I can get shopping done while I wait for the prescription to be filled.

  18. No I have not used target pharmacy before because we do not have a target locally.

  19. I have not, but when I was looking for an OTC medicine, their pharmacists were very helpful with my questions.

  20. I have not used Target Pharmacy before! But I will keep it in mind next time I need to fill a prescription.

  21. I have used target pharmacy before and I really like them even though they are a large chain the pharmacist always remember me and knows me by name I really like that

  22. Sad to say…no not yet, but have heard great things about Target Pharmacy.

  23. I have never used target pharmacy before and I never even knew they had one. I will have to check it out.

  24. I haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet but I am sure it is wonderful!

  25. Yes, I do use the target pharmacy often,the pharmacy is near from where I live and I can shop at target while I wait for my prescription to be filled, Thank you!

  26. I have never used the pharmacy at Target, however, I love to shop there.

  27. Yes I have used their pharmacy, it’s just down the street from me and so convenient.

  28. I have not used them before. I will check it out the next time i need something filled

  29. No I have not used Target’s pharmacy. It is very rare for me to have to go to one in the first place.

  30. I have used Target’s pharmacy a couple times. They were always nice, helpful, and affordable.

  31. I have not used target pharmacy yet i usually opt for drive thrus and ours currently does not offer it

  32. No, I have never used Target’s pharmacy before. I would love to try their pharmacy because they have the ability to text you when the prescriptions are ready to be picked up.

  33. We don’t even have a target nearby but I have shopped the regular store online..not the pharmacy.

  34. I have, I really liked being able to pick the lid color. If you had multiple prescriptions or people in the family with prescriptions that could be really handy.

  35. I had to use the pharmacy to special order something for my mother in law, however, I have never filled a prescription there before!

  36. we havent used the pharmacy because target is about 45 minutes from our house.but we do shop online with them a lot.i wish we lived closer to use the cartwheel app.i see a lot of folks saving a ton of money with it

  37. I’ve never used the Target Pharmacy. I don’t get many prescriptions filled. I would consider it though. I shop at Target and have been near the pharmacy area and it looks clean.

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