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8 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Rich Friend

We all have that friend all relative who is just impossible to buy for because they already have everything. Well if that’s the case then we have some ideas for you.

Do Some Recon

As much as you may love your friend, you probably don’t know what they’re into, it isn’t like every conversation would lead to  ‘hey you know what I love lately? Making my own cheese.’

Besides, you do get people, even rich ones that don’t like talking about themselves. They’d rather talk about work or their kids or basically any single thing except for themselves.

Yes really.

However, if you have the kind of friendship where you know all of each other’s interests, then that’s awesome but let’s assume you don’t. It doesn’t make you a bad friend and all it will take is a little nosing around to figure out what you could possibly get them.

You don’t need to launch any type of official investigation or anything, a simple lunch where you can talk to your friend one-on-one is perfect.

It will give you an idea of what kinds of gift your friend would appreciate.

Good Liquor

Almost everyone has a favorite drink and odds are you already know what your friend’s favorite is.

It’s a thoughtful gift that you can even get on your way over to the party.

Your friend will definitely appreciate it and rich people hate running out of their favorite liquor.

But if you need to import it or ship it across the country then you need to plan ahead and make sure that it will be delivered on time so that you don’t pitch up empty-handed.

A New Cool Gadget

A lot of people, myself included, just love some new little gadget or thing that will make our lives even just a tad bit easier, or functional or prettier.

Whatever the reason is behind this obsession humans have of making new stuff, it presents a great opportunity.


More than likely there are one or two new gadgets that almost anyone will love and whether your friend is a businessman or a fashion lover, there’s always something new to get that will blow their minds, plus it won’t necessarily be that expensive.

Custom Body Care

You can probably see the appeal it would have to someone if they were gifted something that no one else has.

Exclusivity is the intangible appeal of being rich anyway.

There are online shops like Goodfortunesoaps that make customized skin care products where you can order anything from aftershave to dog shampoo.

You can also make something yourself if your budget isn’t that big. Just invest in a pretty container because the presentation is 90% of what impresses someone anyway.

You can add your friend’s favorite such as a cologne or perfume to personalize it even further in and they will definitely appreciate the (extra) personal touch.

A Useful Accessory

It’s important to note that there is a difference between an accessory and a gadget.

an accessory is something that you can use with something that you already have. In other words, it piggybacks something that already owns or likes.

For example, if your friend has a classic car,  you could get them a vintage keychain or the classic car cover.

Or if they have a  specific jewelry collection, you could get them a display case.

This is sort of genius because it uses a clear interest that they already have that you don’t need to discover for yourself.

Their Favorite Perfume

The same rule as the favorite liquor applies here, they will hate running out of something they love.

And even if they can certainly afford it themselves, your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time they use the bottle you got them.

Sometimes Brands will also make a holiday gift set, where they bring out new products of the same fragrances like a deodorant and lotion.

Keep an eye out for that and bye that as soon as you get the chance to, you can always keep it if your friend’s birthday isn’t coming around any time soon.

A Subscription Box  

A subscription box is a service where you pay a set amount of money and receive different items and/or products related to a specific topic or brand each month or every other month depending on what type of plan the service offers, of course.

You can get subscription boxes for everything from fashion to food to shaving to socks and even baked goods subscription boxes.

Yes really.

So whatever your friend is interested then I’m sure there is probably a subscription box service for it.

And if you’re wondering – no, you don’t have to pay it forever.

You can pay for, say, 6 installments and then if your friend really likes that he or she can continue to pay for him or herself.

A Souvenir

If you’ve recently been on a trip that you know your friend would have loved, then get them a souvenir from your trip to inspire them to go on a trip of their own.

Get them something specific to the culture or destination so that when they see it there is no doubt about where it comes from.

Make sure it is something that they will see often like a keychain or a pen or a fridge magnet, which of course, are all things that you would generally find to buy as souvenirs.

Then write them a card with the gift and tell them that you guys need to go on the trip together.

A New Experience

If you know your friend is a travel bug or really even if they aren’t. If they never get away but you know they mean to then there is no greater gift than a new experience.

Whether it is a trip to the gorgeous beaches of the Bahamas or a skydiving experience, don’t be afraid just think out of the box with this one.

And make sure there is room for guests with the experience,  there’s no use going on a life-changing adventure when there’s no one to share it with.


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