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8 Awesome Virtual Resources to Support New Parents

This year new parents have been relying on virtual resources more than ever before. Many different parenting communities and groups are now available on online platforms, to offer remote advice and friendly support. The internet is a huge resource for new parents.

Virtual resources can include parenting blogs, medical institutions, online stores, and deliveries. They are plenty of offers online to make new parent’s lives easier including baby meal kits, educational apps, and government-approved medical advice. Here are some examples of virtual resources to support new parents.

Support groups

The Mom Support Group consists of a team of post-partum advocates who support new mothers and pregnant women. They have expertise in topics like postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders. They offer video conferences via Zoom with free friendly advice and information.

PSI Online Support Groups have a lot of resources on their website. They also offer webinar sessions and weekly virtual support groups organized into different categories. They cater to parents going through a variety of problems and provide help and advice.

Online therapy

Speaking to an online psychiatrist isn’t very different from face-to-face counseling. Advances in communication technology have made therapy available for all. If you feel like you have some barriers to overcome that you would rather discuss with a trained professional, try online therapy.

Parenting apps

Peanut is a free app that helps moms get in touch with other moms to share experiences and make friends. You’ll be automatically matched with moms in your local area, just like a dating app, but with those who are going through the same things as you. It’s a great way to maintain a social life while you’re in quarantine with the children at home.

Bright Parenting offers sound advice on all aspects of parenting, such as communicating with your child, or how to discipline them in difficult situations. It’s sort of like an online guru. If you’re ever feeling lost and confused, the app can provide you with some clarity and suggestions.

Social.mom is a social network designed for moms. You have the option to get in touch with other mothers in your local area. There are activities and meetups, virtual and potentially in person. Moms can see and post interesting articles as well.

Nursing resources

La Leche League has an international page focused on breastfeeding and other topics new parents might be interested in. It’s a great way just to make contact with other people and sharing tips and experiences.

There actually several breastfeeding apps on the market as well. You can record your feedings and keep track of your baby’s daily averages. Often these apps come with a plethora of information. You can find help with both nursing and pumping and any tools or medicines these might involve.

There are plenty of fun ways for new parents to connect online and make friends. There’s also detailed medical information for reliable resources, but it’s always recommended to speak to your family doctor about any health issue.


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