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7 tips that help you keep your skin looking healthy and great

Looking young is one of the biggest fantasies for every man and woman in today’s world. We all want to look good but not at the expense of our health. While there are a lot of chemical treatments and procedures that you can partake in if you are looking to get that young look instantly, there is a simple way in which you can take your younger look in your own hands – with the help of healthy and glowing skin. Experts like the London Dermatology Centre advise that if you start taking care of your skin from an early age, you are more likely to retain younger vibrant looking skin.

But is getting that younger look with healthy skin very difficult to attain? You will be surprised to know that the smallest change in your lifestyle will help you to attain that youthful glow very easily. Here are a few changes you can incorporate in your daily schedule that will help you to keep your skin looking healthy and great.

1.       Eat a lot of antioxidant

Antioxidants are the best food supplement for healthy living. Things like berries and green tea will help you to have good metabolism and blood flow which in turn will help you to get good skin. Make sure to incorporate a lot of different antioxidant rich food in your diet.

2.       Drink plenty of water

It is very important to drink a lot of water throughout the day. When you are having a lot of water, you are technically getting rid of a lot of toxins and helping your skin glow.

3.       Eat less but eat often

Eat small portions of food throughout the day. This will help you to keep your metabolism up and thus give your skin a tight and smooth feel.

4.       Try and limit your sun exposure

Sun can have a very bad effect on your skin. From intense tanning to dark patches, sun rays can affect the texture of your skin. So try and avoid the sun and in case of exposure use sunscreen lotions.

5.       Eat organic products

Eating organic products will help you to get good skin. Try and avoid dairy in your meals.

6.       Surround yourself with greenery

Have green plants around your home so give your skin a lot of fresh oxygen.

7.       Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C!

Introduce a lot of Vitamin C in your meals on a daily basis.


These few things are bound to make you look young for a very long time thanks to your good skin. Most of us face some skin problems once in a while, so if you do feel that you are having irritable skin problems try and stay off makeup for a few days and you will notice a difference. It is always good to consult a dermatologist if you are unsure about how to treat skin problems. Each person is blessed with different skin types but the above points will help you to maintain good skin, irrespective of the skin type.


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