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7 Reasons to Take Up Fishing

Fishing is often something you do, or you don’t. Keen fishers travel the country, entering contests or simply spending hours after their next great catch. Those of us that don’t fish, barely give it a thought. However, fishing has a huge range of advantages and is suitable for almost anyone. Here are just 7 of the reasons you should give it a go.

It’s for Everyone

Fishing isn’t just an old man sport, everyone and anyone can do it. Fishing isn’t a hobby that you need to be super fit for, or have a specific natural talent in. Absolutely anyone can give it a go. It’s also a hobby that you will never tire of. People that start fishing with their parents as kids, often continue to fish over the course of their lives.

You’ll Get Some Fresh Air

If like many of us you spend your days commuting to work, sitting in an office, going to the gym, commuting home and going to bed, you probably don’t spend that much time outdoors. Then, when you do, it’s in a busy and polluted environment. Fishing gives you the chance to get a few hours outdoors in pure, clean air. This is good for your health and well-being and could even help you to sleep better.

It’s Relaxing

In most games and sports, there’s pressure to do well. Not so with fishing. Yes, getting a big catch is great, but the experience is more about fishing than the fish itself. There’s no pressure, no stress, just you and the great outdoors. What could be more relaxing than that?

To Embrace Nature

If you don’t spend much time outdoors, you probably don’t get see much nature either. Getting out there and seeing everything the world has to offer has a great way of reminding you just how big the world is. This can help you to unwind and put your worries into focus.

To Meet New People

Fishing is actually surprising social. If you go to regular events, or even just fish in familiar places, you’ll soon start to chat with new people and get to know recognizable faces.

It’s Good Exercise

You don’t need any significant fitness or strength to start fishing, but it will help you to build both. You’ll quickly begin to tone your arms and burn calories, all while essentially standing about relaxing. Stood on the side you could burn 250 calories an hour, or 500 out fishing in waders.

To Travel

You really can travel all over the world fishing. Visit an Alaska Fishing Lodge like Silverking Lodge, head out in boats on the sea, fish local lakes and rivers and even travel to other countries where the fish and techniques will be different.

Fishing is fun, social, relaxing and relatively inexpensive compared to other hobbies. It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors, see more nature and meet some brilliant new people, all while getting some all-important exercise and leaving the stresses of your everyday life behind. Fishing could bring a lot to your life, so why not give it a go?



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