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7 Months Old – What are my must have products?

For the past three years we have accumulated quite a bit of baby gear and I am sure most people are wondering what truly are must have items… I mean mom bloggers usually have more than enough baby gear right?

I have to tell you that there have been some products I have not been able to live with out these past seven months, some products I wished I had sooner and some that I just didn’t need at all.

There are other products we have outgrown but still a must have, and obviously some she is still too small for.

See that picture to the right? Well there are 3 items alone I LOVE!!!! (HALO Jammies, Disney Baby Rattle and Softspot)

In no particular order, here are my top pick items I love and still use all the time:

  • Summer Infant Prodigy Travel system  – I never had a travel system for my older girls so I knew right away I wanted one for Shelby and I love it!
  • Kolcraft J is for Jeep Jogger – I have never owned a jogger before and I can’t believe I waited this long.  The harness fits Shelby perfectly. The handle bar is high so I don’t have to lean down. I love the shock-absorbing suspension system keeps the ride smooth and the baby isn’t bouncing around. She falls asleep in it every time during our daily walks.
  • SoftSpot by Wozzy – worth.every.penny. – I adore the softspot. It’s big design allows Shelby plenty of room to sit. I have been saving this for years because I know how much time baby’s spend on the floor. The cover is easy to remove and wash, and the pad is easy to keep clean. It’s a product that grows with baby too.
  • BumGenius 4.0 and Freetime Cloth Diapers. These are my favorite diapers. Of course the hook and loop is the easiest to use but the snaps will hold up longer.
  • Fisher-Price Rain forest Jumperoo – This actually belongs to my sister Shannon. She let me borrow it for Shelby and we use it every day and Shelby LOVES it!She loves to jump and play with the toys
  • Boppy Pillow – I have a bare naked pillow and various slip covers, I have used this since we came home from the hospital every single day for nursing.
  • Joovy Room Playyard- I use this every single day for so many uses. We just took off the bassinet part. Shelby loves sitting in the playyard, and for me I can run to the bathroom and stick her inside the playyard and I know she will be fine.
  • Kolcraft Baby Sit & Step  2-in-1 Activity Center –  Shelby enjoys sitting in it and playing. There are tons of toys on the tray and as she grows we can use the walker.
  • aden and anais swaddle – We have used these from day 1 and Shelby is 7 months old and we still use them. Not so much for swaddling but as blankets for Shelby.
  • Boba Baby Carrier – I adore this carrier. It’s simple to use and Shelby always falls asleep in it.
  • Playskool Explore N Grow Musical Gear Center – Simple toy that is a lot of fun! Shelby loves the gears and to push the button.  Don’t forget a GloWorm too!
  • Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks – I bought these for Shelby while I was still pregnant. for only 10 dollars this is a perfect toy. All babies need some kind of shape sorter and this is my favorite. Shelby loves the little shapes and we have been showing her how to put them inside the bucket. The bucket is a toy in it’s self too!

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Products we used, loved and will save but have outgrown (sad face!!). I think these are must haves:

  • Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper – oh this was a lifesaver those first few months until she was about 5 months! With three different features it really is a versatile baby item.
  • InGenuity Cradle & Sway Swing and Sway Seat – Up until a few weeks ago we have used the InGenuity Cradle & Sway Swing every day and it was my lifesaver when Shelby was a few weeks old.

What we have just started using and love:

  • NEW FAVORITE: Tiny Love Super Mat – The super mat is perfect for babies of all ages, even toddlers and kids. You can use it inside the house, outside and to take traveling.
  • Summer Infant Carter’s Wish Classic Comfort High Chair – I love this hair chair! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and Shelby fits perfect in it. The tray is easy to clean and so is the seat pad.
  • Happy Baby and Plum Baby Food–  These are the two brands we mostly use and are Shelby’s favorites. The only brands she will eat too. We just started making our own baby food and been using the FreshfoodsCook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker. So far I like it and after we use it more I can give you more of my thoughts.

So far these have been our favorites these past 7 months. Some items mentioned above I received as a review, some I bought, some were gifts and some I borrowed from others.

What are your favorite baby gear items?


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