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7 Best Baby Wipe Warmers to Purchase Today

Changing diapers is not one of the favorite moments in a parent’s life, but it is definitely a task that needs to be done. It sometimes gets harder when the baby is crying because of the cold wet wipes used to clean his or her skin, so this is why you need a wipe warmer as soon as possible.

While some believe that a wipe warmer is not a useful tool, most new parents recommend them because they make the cleaning and diaper changing a bit more joyful. If you are looking for the best baby warmer on the market, in this article you are going to find 7 of them so you can choose the one for you and your baby.

1.    Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

This is a great wipe warmer that provides clean and wet wipes which take care of the sensitive skin of your baby. The wipe warmer has a nice lavender design which gives a soothing effect. It uses a steam-warming tech which is better because it also keeps bacteria away.

It comes with a status indicator light and a burn-free temperature lock. This wipe warmer can hold up to 80 standard size wet wipes. It has a large lid that is used for refills and a small lid to get the wipes out.

2.    Prince Lionheart Warmies Baby Wipe Warmer

Another wipe warmer that comes high in our top is the Prince Lionheart Warmer. This is a great device and it works best for reusable cloth. You can also use regular disposable wipes. It has a three-part heating system which leaves the wipes moisturized.

The device is made from rayon, a material derived from bamboo. It also has a micropore pillow. Most customers mentioned that this device is easy to use and it gets the job done. Some users mentioned that the signal light might be a little too bright.

3.    OXO tot PerfectPull Wipes Warmer &Dispenser

This wipe warmer is going to make the cleaning process a bit easier. Because of its weight, you can easily pull the wipe out with one hand while you hold the baby with the other. Another great thing about this device is that you can use any disposable wipes.

Once you start using the warmer, the wipes are going to be moist and bacteria-free. Taking care of your baby will be easier. All you have to do to get the wipes out is to pop-up the lid. This device also comes with a slip-proof tech which is best for clumsy people.

4.    Baby R’ Us Wipes Warmer with Light

Another great device to warm the wet wipes is the one manufacture by Baby R’ Us. This wipe warmer comes with a special automatic light that shuts off when the device is not used. The light comes in handy when you need to change your baby in the evening.

This device has 2 levels of warmth so you can choose the one you want for your baby. Despite this fact, some users complained that the lower level of warmth doesn’t provide warm-enough wipes.

5.    Bela Beno Wipe and Bottle Warmer

This device is a 2-in-1 because it warms both the wipes and the bottle at the same time. It is much more efficient because you have both of these products warm and ready for your baby. It comes with a multi-purpose charger so that you can use it in your car.

You don’t need any other accessories because its compact design makes it easier for new parents to warm both the bottle and the wipes. Also, you can choose to warm only the wipes or only the bottle. The colorful design brings some light and joy to the nursery.

6.    Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Another product from Prince Lionheart takes a spot in our top. This wipe warmer also guarantees to give you warm and bacteria-free wipes. It has an Ever-Fresh System which makes the wipes more moisturized and soothes the skin of your baby.

In order to protect your baby from bacteria, it comes with a special additive. This device can fit an entire pack of wipes and it can be used with only one hand when you are in a hurry.

7.    Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

The last but not least is the Hiccapop wipe warmer. This device is very appreciated by new parents. Changing your baby in the middle of the night just became easier. The wipe warmer comes with a special night-light that turns on automatically when you change your baby. It shuts off by its own when you finished and you are putting the baby in his or her bed.


All of these devices are great for parents who want their babies to feel great even when they are changing their diapers. Forget about crying and screaming while you are cleaning your baby because the wipe warmers are here to help.


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