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6 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

When you go on a trip – andespecially if it’s for vacation – you feel a lot more relaxed, you spend moremoney, you sleep in and you overeat on local delicacies. This is fine if youonly go on vacation once a year and the rest of the time, you live a relativelyhealthy lifestyle. But, as the world is becoming more and more globalised,people are spending more time than ever away from home. And if that’s you, thenyou want to make sure you’re staying healthy even when you’re far from home.

Keep up your routine

There are still ways you canindulge while sticking to your routine. Wake up at the time you’d normally wakeup, eat the same breakfast you would eat at home, go for a jogif that’s what you’d do at home and generally try to mimic your routine. Doingthis will make sure that you don’t go way off the rails, and while you canstill enjoy some local food for dinner, you’re not eating it all day long. Thiswon’t just keep you on track health-wise, but it will also help you feel betterwhile you’re there, since oversleeping, overeating and under-exercising canmake you feel lethargic. Keep in mind that if you’re on your summer vacation,you can swap out a run for a swim, and generally use the new surroundings toyour advantage.

Stay on a healthy diet

Eating right isn’t always simple,especially if you go somewhere with a very different culture and food, whereyou’re not sure what’s healthy and what’s not. You know what the best course ofaction is: buy whole ingredients and prepare them yourself. You can stillexperiment with different local flavors and produce, but you’ll be in controlof what you’re eating. However, we don’t always have the means to cook our ownfood, and for that, you want to find a service that will deliverhealthy food to you and make sure you’re eating good, nutritiousmeals. Beware of snacking, especially in transit, because you might fall intothe trap of snacking out of boredom. Bring along healthy snacks like freshfruit and veggies for healthy snacking.

Stay clean

Remember, disease and germs areoften localised, which means that just because you have a good immune system inone part of the world, you don’t necessarily have it in another. This is wherehand sanitiser, wet wipes and vitamin supplements will come in really handy, somake sure you’re keeping yourself safe.

Hydrate your skin

If you’re spending time on aplane, your skin is going to be as dry as it’s ever been. The recycled air ofthe plane dries your skin out, so you want to make sure you’re putting enough moisture back in to equal itout. Put on moisturizer before you get on the plane, and if the flight is morethan three hours, you might want to bring a moisturizing sheet mask with you torehydrate during the flight.

Dress according to the weather

A “hot climate” doesn’t mean thatyou should bring short things that show as much skin as possible to stay cool.In the middle east, for example, you will be fighting with the sun rays morethan the heat, and if you don’t bring something that covers you, you can end upwith bad burns. So sure, plan your outfits to look good, but also make themfunctional.

Make it last

If you try to shove everythingyou want to see into a single day, you’re just going to end up exhausted,overwhelmed and with blisters on your feet. You’ll have a much better timespreading it out and rest up in between. If you’re only staying for a shorttime, picking one thing to see and doing it thoroughly will give you a muchbetter result.

Stayinghealthy while traveling is important to both help your overall health goals andbecause there’s absolutely nothing worse than getting sick while being awayfrom home. So to make sure you stay on track, follow these tips and you arebound to have an amazing experience!


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