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6 Everyday Home Hacks for the Busy Mom

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Mothers wear many hats. On top of being ahomemaker, most of them also hustle on the side—like working a 9-5 or ahome-based job. It won’t be a surprise if they eventually feel stressed andoverwhelmed with all the workload.

The truth is: there’s no such thing as toolittle time. With proper time management skills, moms can maximize what seemslike a small amount of time to organize their lives—and still have some leftfor the family.

Good thing there are genius tips that willhelp them tick off their tasks more efficiently. 

Create a To-Do List

Writing daily tasks down helps people achieve them better. Jot downtasks for the entire day and schedule them according to convenience.

Another interesting time-management conceptthat’ll benefit work-at-home moms is time-batching—which allows one to work ontime-consuming tasks in small batches.

Some tasks that work well when they’re spreadout include folding the laundry or checking emails. Spare a specific amount oftime to do these chores per day, so there’s plenty of time left for otherimportant tasks.

Take Advantage of DeliveryServices

Delivery services are all the rage today. Momscan not only order food online but also get someone to shop and delivergroceries for them. 

Shopping for groceries takes up a lot oftime—from going to the store to doing the actual shopping. Imagine the amountof time they’ll save if they can get this errand out of their list.

If they’re short on time, busy moms can availof grocery delivery services. There are even services that will run theirerrands for them. This is especially helpful for stay-at-home moms that have alot on their plate.

Plan and Schedule Meals Ahead

Cooking is another task that consumes time. Ittakes effort to look up a recipe and cook the dish—all while making sure thekids don’t burn the house down. The best way to remedy this is by planningmeals ahead of time.

Pick a day of the week to create a meal prepplan. This serves as a guide for what meals the family will have every day. Aseparate day for prepping can be scheduled to chop up veggies, grate cheese,and mix sauces ahead of time to make cooking more efficient in the coming days.

Get Organized

Moms often spend a huge chunk of their daycleaning up a messy house, especially when they’ve got kids around. It oftenseems like the mess just keeps piling up, which frustrates busy mommas evenmore.

Decluttering is an excellent solution to thisproblem. Find storage containers for every piece in the home and throw awaystuff that isn’t needed. As Marie Kondo puts it, only keep the things that“spark joy.”

Otherwise, one can throw, donate, or sell old stuffonline. Throw away anything that won’t be useful. Donate those thatare still in good condition. And sell those that have a higher value, such asold gadgets or branded jeans.

Set Go-Tos

A go-to lipstick or a pair of jeans is alwaysuseful in a rush. Having a go-to also applies to moms—and it works wonders.

Busy mothers can decide on a go-to birthdayparty gift for their children’s classmates. It can also be a go-to potluck dishfor family gatherings or a go-to work outfit when running late. Perfectinggo-to items will spare moms unnecessary time spent shopping and rummaging foritems.

Enlist Help

Moms may be super, but they’re also humans.They need rest when they’re overloaded with different tasks. Because of this,it’s best to know when to ask for a helping hand.

Is the house a total mess? Busy moms can hirea housecleaning service to do the tedious task for them. Got a date withfriends? Get a sitter for the kids and have some fun.

Getting things done doesn’t always involvespending money. Help can also come from family and friends willing to extendhelp.

They say if there’s a will, there’s a way. Andthis saying doesn’t ring truer for mothers. There’s always a way to squeezeevery task in and get things done. Just remember to set aside time for family,and most importantly, for oneself.


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