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6 Different Types of Filling in Cakes That Makes Them So Scrumptious

Cakes are special and they make the occasion sweeter and grander. Any occasion will look incomplete without a mouth-watering cake. They play a part in keeping the relationship full of love and make the day most memorable. Every cake has a story to tell and these stories make life beautiful. No matter which one you choose, every filling of the cake takes you to cloud nine so here are a few appetizing fillings which will definitely spellbind you.

1. Custard filling

Custard filling issimilar to pudding. The key ingredients of this filling are cornstarch, flourand egg yolks. Any filling that contain cornstarch or flour must be boiled toprevent scorching. If it is not boiled enough, it may become thin and runny,when cools. The filling flavours can be of your choice, such as vanilla,chocolate, lemon, butterscotch and more. The custard filling can last tillthree days but is best when used on same day of preparation. Make sure custardfilling should not frozen before use.

2. Fruit

Fruit fillings in thecake provide extra flavour and texture to them. There are many fruits which canbe baked into a filling like strawberries, raspberries, peaches, blueberriesand apricots. When using fruit fillings, a piping of frosting is applied inorder to act as a dam to hold the filling. Fresh fruits can be added but thistype of cake should be eaten within  a few hours of preparation, as fruitscontinue to ripen, even after the refrigeration and juice will began to soakinto the cake. Fruits filling that does not contain eggs can last up to twodays at room temperature.

3. Frosting

Frosting is sweet, oftenmade of sugar with milk and often enriched with ingredients such as butter,egg-whites, whipped cream, buttercream and cream cheese. It’s basically used todecorate the cake. At times, the same frosting is used to ice the cake whichadd more flavour and moisture. Cakes with this type of fillings can be storedfor days, depending upon the type of frosting fillings.

4. Jelly

Jelly and jam areeasy-to-prepare fruit flavoured filling in a cake. It can add flavour to thecake without any additional preparation. Use piping of frosting to keep jam orjelly confined. Cake with this type of filling can be stored up to 4 days atroom temperature. The filling can be refrigerated for longer.

5. Whipped cream

A filling made withwhipped cream have a delicate flavour. The cream provide a light fluffy textureto the cake. Gelatin is used to stabilize and hold the cream in a better way.The cake with whipped cream filling must be refrigerated and consumed withinthe same day of preparation.

6. Glazes and syrups

Glazes and syrups do notprovide extra flavour to a cake but help to seal the moisture. It does not providethickness to the cake. Cake prepared with glaze and syrups filling can be usedat room temperature without refrigeration, unlike other cakes.

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