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5 Ways to Save On Your Electricity Bill

No homeowner would want to spend more than they should on their electricity bill. Unfortunately, there are many ways energy could be wasted. We’ve discussed the best ways to save on your electricity bill below. 

Use Less Hot Water

Your hot water tank may be the reason you get such a huge energy bill. To heat the water, electricity would be used, so limit how often you take hot showers. 

The specific tank you have may be draining a lot of power. It could be old, so it’s inefficient. Also, you can categorize hot water systems into two types: tank and tankless options. The tankless alternatives save the most power, as they heat water only when you need it. However, you might own the tank type. 

New Appliances

Just like your hot water system may be old, this could also be true for the appliances around the house. They may be taking up too much power than they should. Request for an energy audit. You would be able to tell if your appliances are using a lot of electricity. 

It might be time to get the appliances replaced. Go for newer options with energy star symbols. They were made to use the least electricity. 

Tackle Humidity 

Dealing with humidity would help save a lot of power. The excess moisture in the air would make you feel warm and uncomfortable. You would be blasting your air conditioner as a result. 

How do you reduce moisture levels? Open more windows. Air would be allowed to enter and escape. Getting rid of any house plants may reduce humidity too. The leaves could be releasing a lot of moisture into the air. 

There are special devices that can detect how humid a space is. If there is a lot of humidity in the air, you might also be dealing with mold. 

Improve Insulation

It might be time to replace your windows. Although they could look good, they may not be the most insulative. This could cause a lot of heat to enter and escape. This may be why you’re blasting your HVAC system.

If you’re looking for windows in Canada, there are many companies to work with. You’ll be able to find options that would go with your interior. 

Go through any replacement window buying guide online. You’ll know what to keep in mind to find the most insulative options. In short, double-paned windows would be the best, as they would have air barriers. 

Watch Out for Your Oven 

Don’t make your home hotter than it is. Just like there’s high humidity, you would be tempted to blast your AC. How often you cook would influence how hot your home is – heat from your oven would circulate. Also make sure your kitchen has good ventilation. Heat would be allowed to escape otherwise. 

Although there are many ways electricity could be wasted, you can also save on your energy bill. The best would be to get rid of old appliances. They could be inefficient, and suck up more power than they should. By making sure your home is not hot or humid, you wouldn’t be blasting your AC either. 

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