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5 Ways to Reboot and Recharge

There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t experiencedfatigue and burnout at some point. The stress of our daily lives can beoverwhelming at times, especially when you add deadlines at work, exams atschool, and the challenges of parenting to the mix. When you feel like you’vebeen hit by a truck and don’t have the energy to keep your eyes open, you mightwant to consider taking a step back and focusing on getting your energy andenthusiasm back. We bring you five ways you can battle lethargy and come outfeeling recharged.

Clean your home

A clean home is a sign of a clean mind, and vice versa. Ifyour home is cluttered and messy, you’ll have a hard time focusing and relaxingwhen you get there after work. Give yourself time to clean and organize your home, take a day ortwo or five, and get rid of things you no longer use or need. This way, youwill make room for new things that you like as well as new opportunities in yourlife. You can give away, donate to charity, or sell some of the things you nolonger need, and open both your mind and your home to new things.

Stay hydrated

You would be surprised how important it is to drink morewater and stay hydrated. Sometimes, severe fatigue and migraines are a sign ofdehydration, and you should really make an effort to drink more water duringthe day. Your heart starts pumping harder when you’re dehydrated because yourblood becomes thicker too. Make it a habit to drink a tall glass of water firstthing in the morning and keep a small bottle by your side so you can keepsipping throughout the day.

Get a change of scenery

When was the last time you took a trip for pleasure? Achange of scenery can be a great way to relax your body and recharge your mind,especially if you have been dealing with a lot of stress in the previous weeksor months. You should take some time off and do something fun, like visit ayoga retreat in NSW and take up cooking or a massage course, orsimply work on your yoga poses and routine. Whatever you decide to do on yourtime off, it’s of utmost importance that you don’t look at your phone or checkyour work emails, but use this time to focus on yourself and your needsinstead.

Make yourself move

You might feel like this would be counterproductive becauseyou’re already feeling too stressed and too tired to do any exercise, but it’snot the case. On the contrary, physical activity will do wonders for both yourbody and your psyche. You will feel that you have much more energy afterworking out, and you will feel physically tired rather than emotionally drainedat the end of the day. You don’t have to join the gym if you don’t want to, asimple walk around the block in the evening or a light jog in the morning willdo the trick too. When you feel ready and physically stronger, you can tryadding some cardio and strength training because these will strengthen yourbody and help you stay in shape.

Try breathing meditation

If you have a hard time focusing at work and relaxing in theevening, you might want to give breathing meditation a try. Breathingmeditation is a simple and easy way to relax and prepare your body and mind forsleep. When we’re nervous, we tend to take short breaths, and this doesn’tallow our lungs to exhale fully. When you take deliberate, deep breaths, youfill your body with oxygen and allow your muscles to relax. In addition, yournerves are much calmer, and you feel like your mind is clearer too. You couldtry mindful breathing because this will help youstay grounded even in difficult and stressful situations.

It doesn’t matter if your fatigue strikes the first thing inthe morning or in the afternoon, what matters is that you need to deal with it.Unless you’re also dealing with hyperthyroidism or iron deficiency (in whichcase you need to start a doctor-approved treatment), you should find a way torelax and get enough sleep every night and deal with everyday stress in ahealthy and safe way. 


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