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5 Ways to Make Moving Homes Less Stressful

One of the most consistent variables in your life is likely going to be a roof over your head. Having one creates a sense of stability and ensures you that you have somewhere to lay your head at night. If you’ve moved onto the phase of becoming a homeowner, then that means that the roof over your head belongs to you. This can be a great feeling but also means that you have a lot more responsibilities as you’re the official landlord. Moving homes isn’t something that’s uncommon for homeowners if they want something new or want to downsize usually it starts off with the question  how much is my house worth?  If this is your current situation and you’ll be moving homes soon, take a look at five ways you can make moving homes less stressful.

  1. Create a Timetable

To begin, if you want to make moving homes less stressful, you should create a moving plan. There are so many things that need to be done before and after moving that you can’t leave it up to your memory to remember it all. List the things that need to be done mentioning anything from spring cleaning the house before leaving to packing your items using color-coded boxes. By doing so, you have a clear idea of what lays ahead and how you’re going to tackle each task.

  1. Sort Out the Back End

Once you have a concrete moving plan, the next logical step would be to sort out the back end of moving, especially if you’re remortgaging. There are many legal steps that need to be taken to help you transition from your old mortgage to the new one. The best move may be to get a reliable conveyancer for a remortgage who will help you deal with tasks like checks and searches, transfer of funds and land registry. It is important that these things are settled before you begin your big move.

  1. Get Everyone to Help Out

When it comes to moving homes, the more hands on deck, the merrier. This is also true if you have a big family and a number of belongings to move. Once you’ve devised your moving plan, share it with your family so that they know what’s going on. You can then allocate tasks to everyone so that you don’t carry the burden alone.

  1. Decide on Who’s Moving

Making the decision of whether to hire professional movers or do it on your own is a big one. While some people would prefer to be in complete control of their belongings and moving them, others would rather outsource it and save themselves the time and stress. If you do decide to use a removal company when moving house, make sure you arrange a visit beforehand so they know how much they’re moving and you can brief them on any special instructions you have.

  1. Don’t Rush

Although in some instances, you have to move out in a hurry, it’s better to take your time if you can. Moving within a short time frame and under pressure can be chaotic. Also, your chances of making mistakes could increase as a result. On this note, give yourself enough time to get everything sorted out to avoid being unbearably stressed.

There is probably no way that moving homes can be entirely chaos-free, as it entails moving your whole life from one place to another. However, by getting organized, staying on top of things and planning ahead, you should be settled into your new home in no time.


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